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    I caught a smidgen of this on the tv news in the cafeteria:

    Blast rocks bomb recycling plant. 600 students evacuated

    Thursday, August 24, 2006; Posted: 1:06 p.m. EDT (17:06 GMT)

    A sheriff's car waits near the scene of Thursday's explosion in Louisiana.

    DOYLINE, Louisiana (AP) -- An explosion and fire Thursday rocked a plant where military bombs are disassembled and recycled, forcing the evacuation of at least 600 students in northwestern Louisiana, authorities said.

    The blast at the Explo Systems Inc. site at Camp Minden, a former Army ammunition plant, also led authorities to urge voluntary evacuations in the eastern section of Doyline, which has about 800 residents.

    There were no reports of deaths or injuries and no word on the cause of the blast, which sent thick black smoke over the area.

    All of the employees inside the plant were accounted for and evacuated following the 8:30 a.m. blast, said Lt. Col. Carl Thompson, the camp's assistant commander. "If there are any injuries, they were minor."

    Emergency crews were being kept back a mile from the site as authorities waited for another explosion or for the fire to burn out.

    The students from Doyline High School and Union Elementary School were taken to a school in nearby Sibley, the Webster Parish sheriff's office said. Three major highways near the site, 210 miles east of Dallas, were closed.

    Explo Systems, which opened its site in January, has a military contract to disassemble bombs and recycle bomb components.

    The explosion was the second in recent weeks at Camp Minden, where large-caliber ammunition was produced for the military until it closed in 1994.

    On August 14, a fire and explosions rocked the Valentec Systems plant at Camp Minden, destroying about half the facility's buildings.

    No injuries were reported and the fire was allowed to burn itself out. That company makes battlefield flares for the military.

    Copyright 2006 The Associated Press.
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    Just down the road from us (borders our fire district). We were the first mutual aid in. This is the 2nd facility to go up in the past 2 weeks - there was a miltiatry flare mfg. facility that blew up last week. The evacuation raduis for this fire was 2.5 miles in either direction, which included a major east-west interstate, which was shut down. I didn't make the fire, but the boys tell me it was quite a sight to see as this facilty disassembled 750 lb bombs. I'll have more details tonight after our weekly training. The town of Doyline will remain evacuated for the night. They may go in later tonight and hit hot spots but as of now (7PM) nobody is allowed close.
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      More Info:

      The explosions (a total of about 10-12 seperate explosions over a 6 hour period) damaged about 3/4 of the mile long disassembly building. As of now the fire appears to be pretty much out. There were 2 tractor trailers conatining an estimated 100-125 bombs at the unburned end of the building. The plan is to go into tommarow morning, setup master streams, and cool the remnants for most of the day from a distance.

      There were 6 fire agencies involved, plus several private and parish run ambulances services and multiple police agencies from federal (the park itself is a state military installation w/private tenants, so state NG MPs handle park security) state, parish and local pds/sheriffs departments. There were approx. 800 people evacuated from the industrial park including a parish jail and a National Guard run youth camp. In addition, the bordering town of Doyline (population 800) was also evacuated, and will remain evacuated through at least noon tomarrow.

      There were no firefighting operations conducted today due to the explosions. Our personnel were used in the development of an ICS and assisted with the paperwork end of the evacuations.
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        I saw this on CNN today. Thanks for the information. Nice update!!!

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