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  • Vindicator and CAFS

    Has anybody useed Vidicator nozzles with a CAFS system?

    Seems like it would work good.

    We have a CAFS system that is rated for 125gpm at 100psi and we are getting one that is rated at 80 gpm at 60 psi.

    Do you think Vidicator nozzles would work well with this set up?

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    While I've never tried it, it seems to violate what I know of the principles of CAFS. The nozzle must be smoothbore to reduce any turbulance which causes the "bubbles" to be stripped from the foam solution. In effect using a Vindicator, which is a broken stream nozzle, could reduce the the effectiveness of the CAF. The Vindicator's strength is its ability to flow high GPM with low nozzle pressure and reaction. CAFs reduces the amount of water needed and creates excellant foam. While both are great in their own right, combining them may not make for the "ultimate" nozzle-solution-stream combination.
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      I have not used that combination myself. The Engine I operation has a CAFS system and we use TFT automatic nozzles. They work really well with the CAFS. We have done some work with smooth bores and CAFS. The finished foam is similiar. I would think a vindicator would do a good job. It might not do the best possible job but I am sure it would be adequate. But until someone tries it, its just a guess.


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        We tested it a few years ago when we began using CAFS. The bubbles were stripped resulting in a very poor quality foam. We've found that fog nozzles work OK, but smooth bore definitely put out the best CAFS foam.

        We (and a couple other departments) use the Vindicators regularly on 2" preconnects with class A foam. Around 300gpm with .5% foam is highly effective on the fire attack as well as overhaul.


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          Hello All,

          As a frequent user of CAFS and an Instructor on the use of CAFS, the ONLY nozzle that will work the best with CAFS is a "straight" bore nozzle. As stated in a previous post, any nozzle that "pops" or "strips" the bubbles that are discharged thru the nozzle will result in a poor quility finished foam. You will get solution when using a fog type nozzle.

          Simply put, the nozzle that works the best, in a CAFS application is a simple, inexpesive ball valve with an 1 3/8" ball. I like a 15/16" tip on my line, but bottom line is a straight bore works the best. Any fog or other type of nozzle that breaks the stream will ruin the CAFS product.

          And yes I have used the vindictor on a CAFS line and it worked poorly.

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