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FF/LEO Relations the Way They Should Be

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  • FF/LEO Relations the Way They Should Be

    I've done this three times as a FF. This is exactly the way that public safety personnel should look out for each other-despite what is happening at the administrative levels of each service.


    Texas Firefighters Get in Scuffle with Passer-by
    Updated: 07-14-2006 04:12:06 PM
    Courtesy of Tyler Morning Telegraph

    Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and firefighters working the scene of a fatal accident east of Tyler ended up in a fight with an alleged intoxicated man, which resulted in the man and one firefighter being injured.

    The fatality occurred two miles east of Farm-to-Market Road 2908 on Texas Highway 31 East and claimed the life of 27-year-old Carrie Swain Harris of Kilgore.

    DPS Trooper Robert Johnson said Ms. Harris was traveling east in her 2001 Ford Focus when she approached a vehicle stopped to make a left-hand turn into a private drive.

    "She attempted to miss the parked vehicle and tried to make a passing maneuver and drove into the path of the Freightliner delivery truck," he said.

    The driver of the delivery truck, a Tyler man, was not injured.

    Ms. Harris' twisted vehicle rested in the yard of Joyce Johnson.

    "I was turning in my driveway and she came up behind me really fast," she said. "I thought she was going to hit me, but my God she went right into the path of that truck. It sounded like an explosion when the truck hit her."

    Mrs. Johnson said she and her grandson had been to the grocery store and were returning home when the accident occurred.

    "That car went into the air and was spinning around like a twister had it. I'm shaken so bad I can hardly stand here," she said. "I still haven't taken my groceries out of the car yet."

    Firefighters and state troopers were working the accident when they were notified of an erratic vehicle heading their way.

    The blue Ford Ranger approached the area and a trooper told the man to turn off the vehicle, but the man tried to drive forward.

    Trooper Barry Evans apprehended the man and placed him under arrest. When Evans went back to talk to the passenger he began fighting.

    Firefighters quickly rushed to the aid of the trooper and helped subdue the man until he could be handcuffed.

    The passenger and a Jackson-Heights firefighter were injured during the scuffle. Both were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

    Officials said the driver would be charged with driving while intoxicated and the passenger was also facing charges.

    Kenneth Dean covers police, fire, public safety organizations. He can be reached at 903.596.6353. e-mail: [email protected]

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    I will absoluteley do anything I can to help a cop in trouble. I recall a man that had broke his wifes leg by twisting it. (ouch) He was wild. The lone police officer attempted to subdue him... He did..After a lil FD assist.


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      We have a good working relationship with all of our law enforcement agencies in our area: federal, state, and local. I don't have any concerns about our members not helping a police officer in need. Everyone Goes Home applies to all emergency services personnel.

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        Here is a link to an article with a picture.

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          Great to read- we all are in the same family and need to look out for each other.


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            One of our Engine Companies happened upon 3 PO-lice offcers involved in a fight with a guy. The bad guy had gotten the OC spray, and one cop was on the ground screaming, another was at the hose connection of the house they were in front of washing out his eyes, and the third was on the receiving end of a thumping. The crew got off the truck, got together, and all 4 of them just bum-rushed the guy. They got in enough behavior modification so the cop that had washed his eyes out could put the handcuffs on him.
            I had an officer tell me one time that he would never cross a fire department crew. He had been out on a traffic stop when the driver began to get hostile with him. He said one of our passing ambulances stopped, and the crew very quickly and efficiently put an end to the guy's efforts. I told the cop our medic crews have a lot of pent up issues............


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              Originally posted by LFD2203
              .... I told the cop our medic crews have a lot of pent up issues............
              I LOL'd

              Great story


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                The only time I hear / read about cops and firefighters not getting along (to the point of fisticuffs) is when it comes to the NYPD and FDNY. Do any other cities have similar problems?
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                  Originally Posted by LFD2203
                  .... I told the cop our medic crews have a lot of pent up issues............
                  HEHEHEHEHEHEEE. I suspect that just kinda "runs in the family" LOL But thanks George, good story. And as it should be. Each helping out the other in time of need.
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                    George, Thanks for posting that one. We also have a similar relationship here, and we're damn proud of it. It is rare that there is a problem between FD and PD folks in this area. We actually agree on things like shutting down highways so we can work safely. Our PD patrol beats are such that the guys and gals on the street up in our end of the precinct rarely go back to the station for anything. They are welcome to use our Restrooms, Kitchen, Etc. and on a big sports day like the World Series or the Super Bowl half of the shift will be in our lounge watching the game on the big screen. AND, Get This! They even bring the donuts.
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                      Originally posted by Shoreman22
                      The only time I hear / read about cops and firefighters not getting along (to the point of fisticuffs) is when it comes to the NYPD and FDNY. Do any other cities have similar problems?
                      Dont let the media's rantings fool you. Most of us get along very well with the cops around us.
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                        Our relationship with area pd is great. A few of the FF's are LEO's in neighboring towns for their paid job and most, if not all of the ff's and leo's are on a first name basis. I have heard some stories of unruly prisoners that were brought into the police station (which is right next to the firehouse) which required some FF assistance.
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                          "Back in the day" the FD and PD could care less of each other when I first started. Now, the relationship is so great it could hardly get better. The key is understanding what the other does.

                          I firmly believe that it has to start with the top and work down. Understanding and cooperation are the name of the game.

                          We have had scuffles like that before and we do look out for each other. We don't have a problem at all.
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                            If we would ever mess with an LEO or disrespect an LEO we would deffinetly hear about it, because our Chief IS an LEO.
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