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Citigroup TV Commercial

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  • Citigroup TV Commercial

    Is anybody else the least bit upset by the new Citigroup TV ad with all the firefighters and the calico in the tree? I understand that it's supposed to be humorous and all, but I wince everytime I see them knock that chimney over with the aerial. To me there's a huge difference between abuse of power and total incompetence. It appears to be en vogue these days to put firefighters in ads for everything from men's hair products to SNL to panty liners it seems like, but this one really torques me.

    Just my 0.02.

  • #2
    I thought it was outstandingly hilarious...I had to wipe up the coke off my shirt and pants when I took a sip as the commercial came on..!!!!

    "Loyalty above all else, except honor."


    • #3
      So, are firefighters the only ones that cannot be made fun of or used as a point of humor for advertisement? We can make fun of police officers all the time with donut jokes and things but just touch the fire service.

      Hey ArmyTruck Company, I'm with you, I saw the commercial the other day with my girlfriend and we laughed our butts off.

      I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it. You can't prove anything.


      • #4
        I thought the commercial was hilarious, too.

        I also see a little irony in it...a minor "incident" blown way out of proportion when the obvious simple answer is "ladder?"
        How many times to we forget to "keep it simple?" They must have asked a jake for advice when they came up with the idea!

        PS: I've never seen the skeleton of a cat in a tree...yet

        And on the eighth day...God created Firefighters!
        Captain Gonzo


        • #5
          I thought it was cute.

          It may be off the subject, but the best commercial I saw during the Super Bowl was when Cedric was dancing in the kitchen with two Bud Lite's in his hands and when he opened it for his girlfriend it sprayed all over her. I still laugh when I think of that one.



          • #6
            That commercial was the funniest one I've seen in a long time.we seen that at the station and couldnt stop laughing....I dont know why everyone gets so uptight over a commercial like that..it means no harm....as for past commercials yes I will agree those ones in the past sucked and made us look bad..but this one...Gotta loosen up guys...

            South Amboy, New Jersey
            EMS Cadet in NJ


            • #7
              Sorry pyroknight, but I'm with everyone else. I think that this is a comical ad.


              If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!


              • #8
                Knocking down the Chimney...what do you expect from a bunch of Truckies...LOL..just kidding..


                As I fire fighter I can appriciate the humor because we have some num nutts I.C.'s that would be inclined to do the same ..so in that instance it is funny.


                My department has recently come under fire for having too many apperatus on any given scene. The public doesn't seem to realize that differnt tools are on different trucks...so that commercial isn't helping our public immage right now...

                See yall @ the BIG one...

                Rescue Squad #2
                "First In ~ Last Out"

                [This message has been edited by WFDRescue2 (edited 02-03-2001).]


                • #9
                  Exploratory surgery to help relocate my sense of humor has been scheduled.


                  • #10
                    The department depicted in the commercial looked a lot more professional than my department. I'm just glad they didn't depict a volunteer department with the Chief standing in his helmet, shorts and cowboy boots directing his men. Heck, put a beer in that chief's hands and the whole ad could have been a Norman Rockwell painting. I was just happy to see footage of hoses on the ground and no fold-a-tanks.



                    • #11
                      I dunno, Pyro, I think you'll be all right. I live for the day I see a firefighter in a pantyliner ad


                      • #12
                        Uh, Quint, I hope that is a female firefighter doing THAT type of ad.

                        As for the original ad, yeah, it's a funny one. If there is something we need in this world, it's something more to laugh at or with. We have enough bad news as it is out there.


                        • #13
                          Like every one else, I thought it was funny.

                          Look at the bright side. At least it's not a TV series...or a documentary.

                          Steve Gallagher
                          Chillicothe (Ohio) Fire Department


                          • #14
                            Oh, come on, everybody knows getting cats out of trees is Animal Control's job!!! Gotta love that Scalpicin comercial too.
                            Now I don't know about the rest of you, but the food at Applebee's is pretty disgusting in my opinion.
                            As for the Firefighter popularity in advertizing-Firefighters always get the five-finger wave wheras cops get the one-finger wave.

                            Althea Forhan


                            • #15
                              i think a straight stream or chainsaw would have been pretty funny. here kitty kitty.


                              300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


                              Upper 300x250