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    I'm not trying to start anything , but has anyone gone to the Detroit Fire Department web site? The post that are on this web site would make you wonder where they get there firefighters. I could not believe how they talk on this site. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

    I love this job!!!

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    Jeez...I can't believe the City of Detroit lets them keep posts like that up on the boards. Foul language, racial slurs and all.

    The worst part is that they've got a big link to a Recruitment Drive on the page also. Yeah, after reading those posts I'd really like to work there. NOT

    My opinion is that it's the fault of the website admins, not the FD, even if the comments are being posted by firefighters. Have some guidelines in place and take down the inappropriate posts.

    I saw something yesterday that caught my attention, and it rings true here. Before I go on, I'm a volley, and very proud to be one for 8+ years in the FD and about 5 for EMS in early 90's. Our dept. has several FDNY and CT paid FF's, as well as a few NYPD cops. So this transcends paid vs. volley arguments. OK, that being said...

    I happened to be behind a neighboring dept's Chief truck yesterday, and on the rear hatchback glass was a big decal "Professionally Served By Volunteers". Cool, I thought, we are professional, and we should be proud to let the public know that we volunteer. Our county is even pushing for departments to get the word Volunteer on our trucks to promote Recruitment and Retention, as well as civic pride.

    Great, except right underneath that decal was another: One of those angry looking bulldogs with the spiked collar around his neck. The saying was "If you can't run with the big dogs, keep your puppy-a** on the porch." So much for professional...that's pretty tasteless if you ask me.

    So my point I guess applies to Detroit's website. It's all about public perception, and it makes no difference if you're paid or you volley. We're all firefighters, that's how the public sees us, and that's how they should. But I feel bad when some young kid happens upon a bad scene like that chat board or sees the Chief driving down the street and reads the garbage on the window. All because they were trying to see their heroes in action, whether in real life or online. Is that the image we want spread? Or taken home to mom and dad, who pay the taxes that fund us?

    Let's never forget we're still role models to these youngsters, and we'll NEVER be able to change that, nor should we try. We should be very proud to take these kids in the firehouses for tours, visit the schools and recruit them when they grow up. Because I'm willing to bet that just about ALL of us had these experiences when we were young, and that's why we're here today...

    I constantly see articles in Firehouse, Fire Engineer, Fire Chief, Fire Rescue, etc. about the decline of the fire service, but when I see garbage like this, it's no wonder why.

    Hillcrest FD

    LEGAL INFO: Any and all views I've expressed above and on this site are not representative of my department. They are my personal opinions and views.


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      Things have gotten out of hand here people. The members of the Detroit Fire Department are constantly being verbally attacked about our system and blaming US.A lot of these individuals have no understanding of the way this dept works.If you attack (metaphor),you will probably be attacked back.Emotions are getting out of control because of this.A lot of individuals here want to blame the firefighters and not the civilian administrators who do the hiring and are responsible for running this dept in the correct manner.Give the chiefs and their officers back the power they once had and things can only get better.Chiefs have become mailmen with no input into the organization, The city has also refused to listen to their officers.The administration still shows a deaf ear to the concerns of the officers and firefighters of this city.Until they chose to listen to the professionals, nothing will change.There is not a crew here that I wouldn't go to hell and back with. I already have with most of them.I will continue to do so even with a lack of equipment and civilian leadership that doesn't know what they're doing and further more doesn't really care. They will take their $90,000+ and keep trying to blame us. Unfortunately there are people out there that actually believe them, too bad.

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        My opinion is that it's the fault of the website admins, not the FD
        Like I said...the administration. You guys are just venting, that's understood. I don't think this topic was started to pick on anyone, much less Detroit. And I for one am not attacking you guys, nor have I ever, so what's the deal with saying we'll be attacked back? Yeah, I've read all the recent posts trashing Detroit and I don't respond because the simple fact is that I've never even been to Detroit, much less fought a fire there, so who am I to praise or trash anyone? I was just concerned about the image ANY OF US ARE PROJECTING. You want YOUR kids reading the language and material in those posts??? I don't think so...

        Hillcrest FD

        LEGAL INFO: Any and all views I've expressed above and on this site are not representative of my department. They are my personal opinions and views.


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          Big F'in Deal. Oh No! Foul Language! Who gives a sh*t? Come on Fellas- Some of you on these forums are a bit sensitive and whiny. You sure do a lot of bitchin about a lot of meaningless stuff. You think that's the only FD that has a forum website like that? Give them a break.



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