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  • Pajamas

    The Washington DC Fire Department has taken a great leap forward!
    While that pesky union worries about promoitons, working conditions and 5 man ladder trucks...someone has been working behind the scenes so that the DCF&EMSD is the 1st F&EMSD in the nation to provide Pajamas to all uniformed employees. Feel free to jump on the band wagon but remember....DC was 1st!

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    Do they have little hearts or polka-dots, or are they just plain Jane/John (PC stuff, ya know)?


    Just my opinions, not my departments. If they are alike, it usually means somethin's gonna happen!


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      We were just issued PJ's at my department. Mine have the feet in them. They gave us two pairs, One has the Teenage Mutant Ninga Turtles with RAFAEL on the back. The other pair has NHL hockey with a big picture of Wayne GRETZky on the front.

      They don't last long. The feet wear out quickly..there are only a FEW left.


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        Man am I ****ed!!! I can't believe you guys got feet in your PJ's and dude, Gretzky?? What's up with that??? We got the Backstreet Boys!!!

        Newsflash.......... We just got Teddy Bears so I feel much better now.

        Take it easy fellas (and ladies if your reading!) Stay safe!!


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          Sounds like the DCFD Chief "be on da cuttin edge". You know that a flap on the rear would really make the PJ's more complete. Hey do they come with a cool sleep hat?


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            I love topics like this one! LOL

            I have seen many a fireman or paramedic stumbling around a station at night in his boxers and I have to say I'd rather see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jammys!

            Stay Safe...
            Rebecca Richardson FF/EMT
            Isles of Capri Fire Rescue
            South Florida


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              The only pajamas that any self respecting firefighter should be wearing would have 101 or 102 Dalmations on them!

              Maybe "fire jammies" can be included in our clothing allowances!

              And on the eighth day...God created Firefighters!
              Captain Gonzo

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                what the hell.....you guys all have PJ's??

                DAMMIT, I'M FILING A GRIEVANCE!!!!

                "Loyalty above all else, except honor."


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                  You guys get to sleep !?!?!?!

                  Must be on a truck Company... Squad Men don't sleep...

                  ....lol...just kidding..

                  Not a bad idea really...Alot of guys wear insuffcient jammies to enter a structure...
                  Good Job DCFD..

                  See yall at the BIG one...

                  Rescue Squad #2
                  "First In ~ Last Out"


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                    So DCFD now has jammies. It seems that you guys always have the best of stuff.

                    How come we didn't have any Jammies when I was a DC fireman? Now I wish I would have stayed. It seems that it only takes a FEW benefits like jammies to make it all better.

                    With the new pjs do the Lts. & Capts have to tuck you guys into bed, and perhaps a bedtime story? Let me suggest a FEW timeless classics.
                    1 The Mayors on crack and I don't care
                    2 All my mens are like little fishes. I wave my hand diss way and they go that way. By T. Coleman
                    3 Go back to St. Marys County and run you own fire dept.
                    4 Hi diddle diddle the broken truck company in the middle.
                    5 A FEW good menzz
                    6 Squad men can't jump
                    7 Why 25 engine's pole hole is too small by facility maint.
                    8 Control board, control board, wherefore art thou fifth man.
                    9 Pumpers? we don't need no stinking pumpers.
                    10 Escape from D.C. by Zeke Pliskin

                    Stay safe my district brothers, i'll leave the micky mouse night light on for you.

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