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Proposal Idea

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  • Proposal Idea

    So After I find a way to explain the fire service -- Thanks for your help, I want to make a proposal for my wonderful girlfriend. If you all have any ideas on an interesting Idea, or what not -- I'd like to hear from you.

    Thanks For The Ideas,


    Challenge Yourself To Rise Above Adversity and Do The Right Thing

  • #2
    Proposal... as in marriage!!??? Good grief....

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.


    • #3
      Well, I just recently proposed to my now fiance. She too is in the fire service (different Dept.). One idea is to ask permission (see related thread) to use one of the trucks show up in uniform and ask. This all depends on how much she likes attenetion.
      I would have done it this way but the roads were wet and snowy and I was wearing a suit and dint feel like washing the truck when I got back.

      Shawn M. Cecula
      Lewiston Fire Co. No. 2


      • #4
        run man, run like the wind!


        • #5
          Marrage is a Wonderful Institution.

          The question is who wants to spent the rest of their lives in an institution ???

          *Looks around to make sure wife isn't here*

          But seriously folks . . .

          I'm with showing up in a truck (with the same provisos mentiond before) - couple of "If's" here.

          If she works somewhere on an upper floor and you have access to a ladder truck - how about tossing the stick up to her office window and climbing up ??

          What ever you do, just be happy.

          As always,
          Take Care - Stay Safe


          • #6
            I'm with Islander...RUN!

            I was listening to 107.3 out of Boston this morning and they had Jim Brewer on...they started talking about marriage and children. It was funny stuff...anywho, one of the things he said was "They should just call marriage 'patience', because that is what it really is. Instead of asking someone how long have they been married, you would say 'Hey man, how long have you been patient?'"


            • #7
              ok, if you have an aerial take her up in it and say, "I brought you up 100 feet in the air and if you marry me I promise we will NEVER come down!" But replace 100 feet with how ever tall your aerial is!


              • #8
                Well, first of all, let me congradulate you!!! While showing up in the aerial would be cool, an older muster engine is more likely to be OK'd, and they're even more fun to ride in. Also, if you can get a copy of the episode of "Fraiser" where Donny proposes to Daphne, he says some really great stuff about her in his proposal.

                Best wishes,


                • #9
                  Thanks for all the help, please keep the ideas rolling.


                  Challenge Yourself To Rise Above Adversity and Do The Right Thing


                  • #10
                    Congratulations, here's some helpful advice for the married life.....
                    between the two of you, you'll have a gold mine, she has the gold, you get the shaft...
                    When she asks you what's on TV...... never tell her "DUST"
                    If she asks for a new watch, don't mention the fact that theres a clock on the stove...
                    Her feet may be smaller than yours, this allows her to stand closer to the kitchen sink...but don't count on it....
                    When your kids are cute, they're "OURS, when they're brats, they're "YOURS"
                    Don't go to bed mad...sometimes it's worth staying ;up all night.......

                    now seriously,
                    remember to communicate often, certified letter works best....(sorry) no really, keep her informed on your feelings for fire and try to get her involved and you'll last, don't become another divorced FF.... I'm on my second marriage and I couldn't ask for anything better, as far as proposals...... jsut flat out apologize to her for all the crap you're gonna get blamed for in the future and beg..beg..beg.... GOOD LUCK


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