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Calls that gave you chills?

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  • Calls that gave you chills?

    I thought it might be time to get a positive post going. I'm sure its been on here before, but. Has there been a call, that you have gone on, that made you feel really good or gave you chills?

    Stay safe, i'll look forward to your stories

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    I was on a call at a Structure fir at a Senior Citizen Apartment type building and after the fire was out and When we started helping the people back into there apartments and them calling us there Guardian Angels etc...It made me feel real god cause I know I did something to help someone in a bad situation....

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      There was this vehicle accident I went on a few years back at 3am where a chevy van hit a semi head on. The driver of the van had his seat belt on but the impact was so great that the twisted metal from the crash cut his belt away throwing him from the vehicle. It was estimated that they were both doing 65mph on impact.I went over to where the ejectee was laying face up on the ground to check for vitals. I put my hand on his chest and I could feel his backbone, pretty freaky he was nothing but jelly.So we covered him up and waited for the coroner.Needles to say the semi truck had minmal damage and it's occupants were ok. One of the better calls I went on was where this 8yr old girl got her foot stuck in the spokes of her bike. A pair of bolt cutters took care of the job nicely and she was so happy to get un stuck that she gave me a kiss and a hug. Which made all those BS calls in the past seem worth while. Something like this comes along and makes our job a little easier.


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        I used to be a volenteer EMT on our rural ambulance service and have been on a large variety of calls. Anything involving children would give me chills. My best call was for a 95 year old lady from a nursing home. She had fallen and hurt her sholder.
        She told me that it did not hurt that bad but thought she should have it looked at so it didn't bother her later in life. NO, she was not off in left field. She was as sane as me and you. Kinda makes you think doesn't it


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          I believe the one that gave me he chills the most was one night we recieved a call for a brush fire in a very remote and secluded area in our township. Upon our arrival at 2:00 am in this already creepy area we found a graveyard that was burning. To me what could be creepier than flames coming up around graves



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            Last Spring my volunteer Engine Company was first due at a lunchtime fire in a truck dealership and repair center that had a bow string truss roof.

            Upon arrival we were assigned to "B" side by Command for an exterior attack. The fire spread rapidly, and we were relocated to "C" side for master stream deployment.

            Shortly thereafter the roof and "C" wall collapsed showering us with bricks. The intensity of the fire rapidly increased and our Engine sustained several thousand dollars worth of heat damage before we could shut down, disconnect supply lines, and move.

            I got a very bad case of the chills watching the news on TV later that night. They showed taped footage of the fire taken by the news copters. Seeing that roof fall in and watching that wall just miss us gave me chills like I never had before.

            PS: Thank you Vincent Dunn - Your book saved a lot of lives that day!!


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              This past summer we were dispatched to a bus carrying handicapped people and a 4-door car carrying a family of 4. This was a head-on on a 2 lane stretch of road north of our area. Initailly there were a mother and 2 year old boy killed on arrival. An elderly handicapped individual expired at the hospital and a 5 month old girl also passed on after being flown from here. The father of the car lost his whole family right there on the road way. It took us a little bit to extricate him. He was comatosed for 3 weeks. When he regained conciousness he was asked if he remembered what had happened and where his family was he stated that he had been with them and he still had work to do here in this life and was not ready to die yet. That was a pretty devastating call. It was at a time we were running non-stop night and day for wildland fires locally. But at the same time it was very uplifting with finding the rest of this out. Still gives me goosebumps and chills to think about it!

              Stay safe all,


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                Even after 28 years and hearing the same radio message more times than I care to remember ,it still sends chills through me.The simple radio message is "people trapped".


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                  Probably the wost call I ever ran was back in St. Louis. A disgruntaled boyfriend left his girlfirends house went out the gas station. got 3 gallons of gas in lawnmower containers and doused his girlfirends appt. He lit the exterior steps on fire and because of the building construction the thing went up like a tinder box...

                  This all happened directly across from one of our engine houses...the captain saw the first flames. The appt was almost engulfed. The woman jumped 3 stories broke both her legs. Her 5 kids and mother weren't so lucky...I arrived with the 3 alarm companies and pulling these kids out of the closet they were hidding in was the toughest thing I've ever witnessed.

                  The boyfriend was found about three blocks away at a friends house and was brought back by P.D. to get a positive ID on by the captain on duty. He almost didn't make it out of their alive...

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                    Probably the coolest thing I've witnessed was a fireman flying...

                    In a appartment building that had heavy fire a crew was up on the 3rd floor doing S&R and because of decent visibility they split for a second to search different bedrooms. Tim (one of the two) got about midway through the room when he turned to see the paint on the walls begin to bubble. Thinking the room ws going to flash and raost him to a crisp he decided to take his chances out the window. I wsa on pump ops and all I saw was tim's helmet go flying out the window and Tim following it...

                    I know you may not believe me, but the instant Tim was airborn, Truck 15 was making a raise to that window. Tim grabed on to the side of the ladder through himself over and climed down...

                    By the way...
                    He picked up his helmet, changed his pack and went back in...

                    SEE YALL AT THE BIG ONE.

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                      I think I can top that one. Same situation except our tanker (2000 gal standard trans. pumper tanker) blew the Universal Joint. I got stuck sitting with the truck until a replacement could be obtained. Talk about scared s**tless. One of the problems of being a rookie.


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                        One of the worst calls was almost one year ago today. Mid-afternoon structure fire, reported no entrapment. We had been on the scene for about 10-15 min when our Assistant Chief and one of other firefighters ran out of the house yelling for a paramedic, with an elderly womans body. She had been covered with falling celing tile and nobody saw her untill then. I was within 5 feet of her early in to the fire and I still wonder if myself or the other firefighter with me would had seen her then if she would have made it. Everyonce in a while I just wonder.



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                          Having been a member since only June 2000, I have not witnessed too much carnage, but one call really gave me the chills.

                          We were sitting in the station one night listening to the normal hum-drum on the radio.

                          A neighbor engine was going to a medical box when they came on the air:

                          "Engine 151 to Calvert"
                          "Go ahead 151"
                          "151 Has been involved in a 10-50 PI at 261 and Breezy Point Road"
                          "You are involved?"
                          "151 is involved"
                          -20 second pause
                          "151 is rolled over"

                          Our ambulance was first on the scene. I will never forget coming around the bend and seeing the wheels of a fire engine sticking up in the air. It really scares you sh#tless. Of the four guys on board, three were okay and one was flown. The one who was flown was released that week and as far as I know has no permanent physical scars.


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                            djohler, this one is simalar. I wasn't at this one, but i was at home over the summer listening to a barn fire in the upper portion of the county. slightly after the chief on scene reported a working fire, i heard the company who's box the barn fire was in get toned out for a vehicle extrication. the battalion chief on scene was screaming for more rescue apparatus to the scene, and all i could think was a fire fighter was involved headed to the station. as if that didn't make me shiver enough, the county came over and asked what the situation was. my heart almost stopped when he reported that engine 27 had rolled and 3 of the eight ff's were trapped under the wreckage. all luckily were ok after some hospital time. Another one that freaked me out was when a tri axle dump truck slammed into two cars at an intersection and then went into a bank. i had the opportunity to look inside the bank after all the victims were extricated, and knowing that wherethere were people standing doing a routine thing as depositing money in their account, there was now a large, smashed in truck. its a wierd feeling.

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                              I rember that one with 27s. I live a little bit south of them. I still have them in my prayers and I rember that everytime we get hit out for a call

                              Everyone else,
                              The call that gave me chills was a brush fire. We were going up and the county was talking about putting a helicopter on standbye for us. We weren't even on scean yet. Finally we get there. We were dispacted to a simple little brush fire. Well, what we had was a burning....body. Guy decided to end it all with a match in the middle of a field.

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