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Do you call yourself a Fireman or Firefigter???

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  • Do you call yourself a Fireman or Firefigter???

    Are you traditional and say Fireman?...Or politically correct and say Firefighter. Or how bout this one...Emergency Response Technician...paaaleeezzze


  • #2
    FF. I grew up in the fire service and it has always been FF around here (44yrs. worth, anyways). Not much you can say I'm PC on, but I suppose this is one. Dat mouth of mine shore do get me in trouble sometimes.


    • #3
      I only refer to myself as a FF, when i first became a member of the department we had several female FF'S and i learned that when you have this situation you do not say fireman in front of them, they tend to get a little upset. needless to say i only call myself a FF now.

      Tom Pysh
      Ellsworth/Somerset V.F.D. www.geocities.com/esvfd3870

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      • #4
        Firefighter! It has nothing to do with being "politically correct".

        Firemen take care of boilers in HVAC plants!

        And on the eighth day...God created Firefighters!
        Captain Gonzo


        • #5
          Gonzo -

          Absolutely. I agree. I fight fires, I don't shovel coal on a locomotive.


          J. Black

          The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and may not reflect those of any organization with which I am associated.


          • #6
            I'm just barely out of probation, so i definitely refer to myself as a firefighter...however in my department fireman is a term of respect, one earned by those who *do the job*.

            We don't go to work, we go to war!

            it must suck to work in a department without any firemen.

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            • #7
              Firefighter by trade and by name.

              Kindest regards & keep safe,

              Sprinkle (UK)


              • #8
                Defenetly a Firefighter. I just think it sounds cool.


                If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!


                • #9
                  After reading the last few comments it seems as if some of you see it is more of a macho/tough guy thing to say you "FIGHT FIRES" and call yourself a "FIRE-FIGHTER" rather than a "Fireman". Most of you are more concerned about the public recognition by saying that you are a "FIRE-FIGHTER", and that it sounds tougher or more aggressive than plain old "Fireman" as if to personify the job.

                  It is a tough job but I think most people know what a Fireman or Firefighter is and what we do. I call myself and my fellow members, both Brothers and Sisters, of my profession, "Firemen". I'm not hung up on whether it is politically correct or not.

                  I grew up with the term Fireman. I like it much better than Firefighter. It has nothing to do with being traditional.

                  Webster's Dictionary
                  FIRE FIGHTER -see FIREMAN 1
                  FIREMAN 1) A member of a company organized to fight fires.


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                  • #10
                    Emergency Incendairy extinguishing technician

                    Grandfather was a fireman for CP Rail

                    I'm a firefigher


                    • #11
                      Firefighter.....just sounds better.....


                      • #12
                        I call myself both interchangeably...nowadays I say Firefighter more than Fireman. Don't know why...maybe because I am certified as FireFIGHTER 2 and not Fireman 2...


                        • #13
                          Firefighter. I am far from PC in many respects, but I guess I am PC on this although that is not the reason. I think it is more descriptive of the work we do and it has nothing to do with wanting to sound macho.

                          Does anyone remember Farenheit 451? The firemen lit fires, they didn't fight them.

                          Trivia question that you should all know. Why was the title of the book (and movie)Farenheit 451?

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                          • #14
                            My first uniform shirt said "Probationary" on an orange tag over the pocket. My second one said "Firefighter".

                            Although, after I went through ones that said "FF/EMT", FF/EMT-A", and "FAO", I still called myself a firefighter. The only time I ever heard "Fireman" in conversation, it was referring to E-3 & below non-rates in the engineering section on a Navy ship. If it was a civilian ship I think they'd be called "stokers", but the Navy calls them Firemen. They grow up to be "Boiler Technicians" or "Machinist's Mates"


                            • #15
                              I vote for FireFighter. Although with the amount of shoveling of snow from hydrants so far this winter I could probably be mistaken for the poor Fireman shoveling coal into a furnace on a locomotive....


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