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Thermal Camera Purchase

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  • Thermal Camera Purchase

    Ok we need some help at the Buckhannon Fire Dept. We are going to purchase a Thermal Cam. It looks like we are down to two. I'm not sure of model numbers and all the perticulaers but it's between a SCOTT and a BULLARD. Keep in mind this is our first camera and we don't need frills, just something that will do the job. One question that came up is will a thermal camera be of any use for finding bodies in water. Not as a underwater unit but topside to locate the body? Any help will be appriciated.


    God Bless us All

  • #2
    You never mentioned if these were helmet mounted or hand held, I would have to recommend a hand held Thermal Imager, we tried a helmet mounted one and didnt care much for it, reason being if you run low on air you can pass it off easier.
    They are great for finding hot spots during overhaul, saving time, work and $$$$.
    And if you tried to locate a body under water with it, you would only see the surface temperature of the water and not the body temperature.
    They do work well for finding a warm body in the woods though.
    A pricey piece of equipment but well worth the money. Good Luck !


    • #3
      We have a Bullard because that is what the state of New Jersey gave us. I recently used it to check for heat for signs of extension and it worked beautifully. If you were wondering why the state gave it to us its because NJ bought a camera for every FD in the state, and Bullard won the bid.

      The statements above are my own opinions

      FF Greg Grudzinski
      Oaklyn Fire Dept.
      Station 18-3


      • #4
        It should, if they are above the surface of the water and they are not at the same temperature.


        • #5
          Have you had a demo with the ISI thermal imaging system. Dont pass them up!!


          • #6
            We use the Scott hand held and we love it. We have not tried it on a water rescue/recovery, but I think we might have to this summer. Thanks for the idea.


            • #7
              We just bought one (Scott) and we don't have it yet, but the demo was awesome. It's very light, versatile and all that other good stuff. What I liked was the fact that the pistol grip was an easy on easy off type. So if you had the camera strap around your neck and it slipped out of you hands, the grip wouldn't stab you in the chest. Another thing that I noticed was the antena that was provided with the Scott was of greater quality than any other. As well, just to mention, I believe the other 2 cameras that we tested were the Bullard and maybe the MSA. Another thing that put us over the top with Scott was the price. Approx $10,000.00 (Canadian) cheaper than the other 2 models. If I had to vote again, I would defenetly go for Scott.


              If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!


              • #8
                My Department purchased 2 Tailsman K-90 handheld cameras in 1998. We tried a bunch and the firefighters felt the K-90 worked the best. It, the K-90, has in my opinion the the best quality picture. It is easy to use and weighs about 4lbs. This camera was also recently tested, along with the other manufacturers, and excepted by the US Navy as their TI camera. You can get more information on the K-90 and the testing by calling ISG Tailsman at 1-877-733-3473. We also have a Bullard that the state of NJ gave us. The picture clarity is no where as clear as the K-90, plus it is much heavier than the K-90.

                Try them all.

                Good Luck


                • #9
                  I forgot to mention that the Thermal Imager we have has a transmitter on it, we also have a receiver and a TV/VCR combo in the command vehicle, so the IC can view everything that the firefighter is seeing and also tape it for later viewing or for training purposes.
                  Good Luck RescueDude


                  • #10
                    We have been using an ISI Thermal Imaging Camera for 1 1/2 years. It has held up well and is hand held. This camera has been dropped and left in fires and it still works fine. i would recommend it.


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