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Anyone still use an N5 Helmet?

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  • Anyone still use an N5 Helmet?

    Yes, another post regarding leather fire helmets...

    I still wear my Cairns N5 (Pre-OSHA) "New Yorker". It doesn't have the impact cap. It's just a plain old leather helmet with a basic liner and bourke eyeshields. It doesn't even have a chinstrap. It is lighter compared to the newer N5A's, it fits lower and doesn't have that ridiculous rachet headband. The only repair I've had to do to it over the years is give it a new coat of paint and replace the bourkes. Though pretty soon the liner is going to need repair. But the Leather is intact!

    I was curious to see if any of you wear them as well even though the NFPA and OSHA standards have changed regarding helmets? I was issued a Cairns N5A in 1994 with the impact cap but I went back to my original N5 Guys may say that the impact cap it there to protect you. In some circumstances I would agree but in reality it's not going to matter what you have on your head if a tool is accidentally dropped or shards of glass fall on you from, oh let's say the sixth floor or the roof of a building. Which supposidly is the concept of the impact cap.

    What are your thoughts?



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  • #2
    We can not use leather helmets in our department. We are issued 1010 and that is what you use.

    Henry C. Hoffman Jr.


    • #3
      Half of Long Island still usees %A's and I know a guy in FDNY who still wears an N5 with No Layer at all, just the fitting for the head and the leather is all you see...and the cairs & Bros metal seal inside


      • #4

        I know that most of the posts in the past dealt with concern of the integrity of leather helmets, safety issues and debating the OSHA and NFPA standards.

        I think that my N5 helmet is great and wouldn't give it up for anything regardless if it doesn't meet "Today's Safety Standards". Mine is beat up and it's warped but still reliable. I wish Cairns & Bros. still made them.

        Thanks for the response brother.



        • #5
          Myself and others I work with still use the older leather helmets with the flip down shields, without the rachet feature.
          Wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. Neither would the other guys.
          I think it was manufactured around 1990.

          NJ/FMBA is good.
          Go NY Yankees!!!!


          • #6
            To J Bingo 18-

            I could be wrong, but I think that RESCUECO.Fireman meant the New Yorker Helmet with absolutely no layers of anything inside. Just PAINT, Leather and a liner. If you look inside you will see the liner for you neck, the original reddish brown of the leather, the stitch work and a circular metal emblem from cairns & bros. Not the kind of New Yorker with the fiber glass and foam and rachet. That stuff is new.

            ALso Rescue Co. Guy- FDNY will let you wear any kinda of leather Helmet I think. But they supply the plastic Morning pride one now. They stopped supplying New Yorkers 3 years ago. But any FDNY Guy can wear any OSHA approved leather if they buy it themselves.


            • #7
              No,your probally right. I have no idea what the difference between a N5 and a N5A is.
              I just know my helmet is leather, it fits well and thats all.....see ya

              NJ/FMBA is good.
              Go NY Yankees!!!!


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