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  • International FF exchange info

    I am a Canadian Firefighter currently stationed in Queensland, Australia and having a FANTASTIC time! This is my second Firefighter exchange. The first was to Sweden. If you want to know how to find/arrange an international exchange and have a very rewarding professional/ personal experience, e amil me at [email protected] for more info.
    Looking forward to hearing from ya!

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    Right On!

    Sounds cool...where do I sign up?

    How long is it?

    Do they have fire poles?

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        Info wanted

        Hey whats the scoop on this? Are places still doing the international exchanges??


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          I think some smaller County Fire Brigades in the UK take part in this...I know thta Leicestershire did an exchange with an Australian FB a few years ago. However, as far as I am aware none of the bigger Metropolitain Brigades take part, LFB definately don't becuase I'd have been the first to sign up... even if I went back to Ff for the duration of the exchange.
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            G'day, ffexchange- which station are you at? i gather you are enjoying your time with QFRS- i am stationed in South-eastern area at jimboomba.

            Originally posted by forbisflorida View Post
            Hey whats the scoop on this? Are places still doing the international exchanges??
            Yes as you have gathered queensland still does the exchange program and i think NSW does as well. Not sure about other states. If any one wants info for queensland it is on the QFRS website= http://www.fire.qld.gov.au/ under the heading of employment.

            ps- yes steve even officers have to go back to a firefighter for the duration of the exchange



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              We do it here in South Australia, got a couple of Canadian Blokes at the moment, they are only allowed to run from HQ station and only allowed to ride as FF's.

              At the moment we only exchange with Canada or the UK, for some reason we aren't allowed to exchange with the US, no idea why, but thats how it is.


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                I would be very interested. Some jakes from San Francisco did trades with the Dublin, Ireland Brigade before. Now I would love to try that out!


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                  Melbourne does exchanges to anywhere, however, a risk assessment needs to be done on a exchange by exchange basis. I'm currently searching for a suitable exchange to somewhere in BC Canada, California or Florida or maybe South Africa.

                  Anyone out there interested I have posted a thread in international firefighting forum plus others in the areas I'm interested in.


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                    Further info for you on the MFB, Melbourne, Australia:


                    The MFB is a fully professional fire service with approx 1600 firefighters serving Melbourne through 47 stations. We are responsible for fire suppression, EMR, rescue (water, road, industrial, USAR, high angle etc) and hazmat over an area of 1000 sq/km.

                    If you would like to participate in an exchange contact me and we can discuss details further. Look forward to hearing from you.

                    Stay safe.


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                      Exchange Opportunity

                      Where are all the exchange personnel? I've been on here a couple times in the past looking for an exchange partner. This is a great change to see the world!! What's the hold-up?
                      I'm an 18-year vet with the Edmonton Fire and Rescue in Alberta Canada. We've got tonnes to do over four seasons, and the mountains are only hours away!


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