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Hittin 'em Hard...

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  • Hittin 'em Hard...

    Took on a nasty electrical fire today onboard ship. A female sailor was working with a civilian contractor cutting and removing some dead cable with a hacksaw. The saw evidently slipped after going through the dead cable and embedded itself in a 440V cable below it. The resulting shock sent the sailor flying from the ladder to land on the deck hard and started a Class "C" fire. Initial attempts at extinguishment using CO2 were ineffective, as the fire actually flared up and semi-exploded in the personnel's face. Due to the amount of paint and dust built up on the cable, the fire was extremely smoky and quickly became a hazard to Rapid Response personnel and others without breathing apparatus. It quickly enveloped the messdeck area, requiring quick evacuation of non-critical personnel. Due to the high position of the blaze, agent could not be aimed directly onto the fire. In the end, 16 15lb CO2 bottles were used to extinguish the fire. After extinguishment, the hacksaw was found, blade snapped in half, and blackened by the fire. The sailor somehow survived both the shock and the fall to the deck, making her extremely lucky in many of our opinions. Would anyone have handled this differently, given the same scenario? Enclosed large space on a ship, electrical fire in a cableway running across the overhead.

    AZ2 Erik Prager

    USS Kitty Hawk(CV-63)
    Flying Squad
    "Freedom's Firefighters"

    ***These statements do not neccessarily reflect the views of my command, the US Navy, or the US Government. They are strictly my own.

  • #2
    I can't say, Erik, if my department would have handled it differently. Fighting a fire on a Naval ship is a unique event; from what you've written, it sounds as if all went as well as could be expected. And Praise God that the sailor survived the initial shock and the fall. My hat gets tipped to you for not only being a firefighter but serving our Country too. I give my best to you and the crew of the USS Kitty Hawk.


    • #3
      Erik, it sounds like you and your damage control party did an excellent job!

      A tip of the helmet to you and to those who serve in our military protecting this great country of ours!

      And on the eighth day...God created Firefighters!
      Captain Gonzo


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        Sounds like you did what you had to. Good Job and I commend you for your military service.

        Brad "Adler" Meyer
        11B Cpl E-4 USARMY 1992-1998

        [This message has been edited by Adler (edited 01-22-2001).]


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