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Got a Pierce????

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  • Got a Pierce????

    Looking for some help. Were getting a Pierce LAnce 2000. It has the biggest cab available for 10 men. Top mount pump. The one side is set up at rescue style compartments, while the other side is engine style. Both sides are high side with the bins up top. Let me know if your deptarment has any good/ bad experiences, the setup in the compartments and how that works for you. Also if your in the philadelphia area could i possibly visit and take some pics. Looking for no more then a 2 hour trip.

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    Mike, Pierce is THE best apparatus you can buy as far as I'm concerned. A lot of people will agree. The high sides are wonderful. There is no other way to go besides top mount pump panel. The only problem we have with ours is not enough fires to go to. We just took delivery of 4 Pierces. All stations here but 3 have new Pierce engines, we have 12 stations in our district. They all love them. You can't go wrong!

    Stay safe,


    If in doubt - Call us out

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      They work pretty well just don't get a Quntuam, If do ask if it has a step ladder, They have side step ladders that hit you in the shines if your not paying attention and they hurt alot, Pierce didn't tell us that

      Sorry didn't want to make it sound like I was Pierce bashing, Just when you get a Qunatuam watch out for those step ladders!, They hurt, Be carefull everyone

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        Gee, Tim,

        Could this be a case of "Pierce Bashing"??

        Just Askin'

        Stay Safe


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          A department here, Libertyville Fire has a 1998 Quantum, and they love it. It has the roll-up doors, and side mount 2000gpm pump. Every department near me uses Pierce, they seem to be the best.


          Joe Thomson
          [email protected]


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            We have a Pierce Lance, I think it is 1989 or 90... It has a 2000 gallon tank, nice hidden spot for the portable pond, and is a nice smooth ride. It's by far my favorite engine. However, we reciently purchased two other style of Pierces that are the biggest pieces of junk - pumps shut down in the middle of pumping, warning lights come on for no apparant reason, bla bla bla, but this is a debate for another time.

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              No, I don't have one...I wish I did.

              I've got a KME, Beck, and Hahn

              Glenn Ralston
              Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue
              [email protected]


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                Pierce all the way! We have a 1989 Dash and are about to take delivery of a brand new Pierce, I'm not sure of the model. We love ours.

                In Omnia Paratus


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                  Mike, we have two Pierce Dash Engines, one is a '87 and the other is a '93. We also have a '95 Pierce Dash Heavy Rescue (walk-in). Both engines have seating for a mere 4 firefighters due to the usual staffing woes. We keep pretty busy (around 1100 calls a year, not a lot of working jobs, though) and the engines are run in and out constantly every day. With the exception of the usual maintainance, never had a problem in the past five years I've been here...Our station is about an hour from Phili, right down in rainy Cape May, NJ.


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                    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANYTYPE


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                      We've got a '96 Lance, ten man cab, side mount pump. Regular compartments. We've been nothing but pleased with it, and we're now working on specs for a new one, most likely a Dash or Saber this time around. The trip to Appleton (Pierce Mfg Plant) isn't half bad either! Once you've seen their operation first hand, it's easy to understand where the quality comes from.

                      If you ever get down to Ocean City...email [email protected]'re about 45 minutes from the Beach.

                      Be Safe everyone.

                      Firefighters....We're Risk Takers, We're Heartbreakers.

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                        Wish we had one! Had the chance to, but it got shot down in committee.....oh well another time I hope. Best dammned apparatus on the market.
                        Later brothers and sisters



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                          Pierce is the best out there, in my opinion!!!


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                            Originally posted by Engine 101:
                            They work pretty well just don't get a Quntuam, If do ask if it has a step ladder, They have side step ladders that hit you in the shines if your not paying attention and they hurt alot, Pierce didn't tell us that

                            Sorry didn't want to make it sound like I was Pierce bashing, Just when you get a Qunatuam watch out for those step ladders!, They hurt, Be carefull everyone
                            My department has two Quantum cabs, and thus far NOBODY has been hit in the shins. Pierce recommends that you stand tot he side of the door when you open it. This allows two things:
                            -one: it allows the door portion to wing open. You have to do this with all doors in fact.
                            -two: it allows the step to come down. In fact, the step takes up less swing out space than the door. You could say that it is similar to staying out of a collapse zone at an exterior fire.

                            The Quantum cab, hands down, is one of the best cabs out there. Ugly? Perhaps, I have grown fond of the Quantum's looks. It reminds me of the old Mack Bulldogs! But ride in one and you will see what I mean. The cab is tall. Tall enough that the engine tunnel (aka: doghouse) is at about the level of your knees when you are in the front seats. Room in the back is awesome. There are windows along hte top of the door that allow you to see upper floors as you approach. The list can continue, but you'll have to ride one for yourself to appreciate what I am saying, so I will step off my soap box.

                            Jolly Roger


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                              We have a total of 6 Pierce trucks. They range from a 15 year old mini pumper to a 1 year old quint. Three of the trucks are custom cabs. Overall the trucks work well. However its the little things that annoy me. Window cranks that don't work, window seals that let the rain soak you,etc. These problems are on trucks less than 10 years old. Our two Dash pumpers, a 91 and 92, have no real windshield defrosting capabilities, many times I've used a rag or my shirt sleeve so that I could see to drive. Our quint, delivered in November 99, has done well so far. Once again it's the little things, like the warning light that the stabilizers are deployed just because you made a hard turn. It had a windshield wiper motor go out this past fall, it took the guy from the Pierce dealer about 6 hours to replace it. It had been improperly installed at the factory according to him, so we went without our only aerial truck for 6 hours due to "Pierce quality". I should state in fairness to Pierce that our other trucks from other companies have their problems too. I will say this, I have not had any of our newer Pierce trucks let me down when it counted.


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