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Firefighter injuries

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  • Firefighter injuries

    I'm looking for help in reducing our injuries in the area of education. Unfortunately we continue to learn from LODD's but I want to step down a notch. If you have been injured and don't mind sharing your story, tell me about your injury. Any injury counts wether it be on the fireground rescuing someone or walking into the bathroom and slipping on wet tile or maybe the, "well I was sort of horsing around and *** happened. I use injuries here to further educate personnel and make them aware but there may be injuries that we haven't encountered that can prevent any additional injuries. You can post it here or email me on my address. Hopefully all "Firehouse" members can learn as well. Thanks for your help!

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    How about stupidity? Does it count?

    We were dispatched mutual aide to a dwelling under construction. I arrived first, reported light smoke showing. I passed command and went into the house. The walls were studded but not sheet rocked. There was a fire in corner 3-4. I went in checked the first floor swung past the fire and came back to exit the dwelling. As I was stepping through the walls I though to myself (self watch for the opening to the basement). Just as I stepped through the next wall line. Next thing I know I'm laying on my left side in the basement between to piles of 8" block. Just missed. I roll onto my back, to check to see if there was any fire in the basement. None, thank god! The first engine has arrived and are stretching a line into the dwelling. It's my engine crew, they hear the reports and see my vehicle but can't find me. They're in the dwelling and I hear them. I whistle to get their attention. Before PASS DEVICES were a regular thing. The officer of the engine comes to the opening after hearing my whistle(how I get their attention on the fireground without a radio. it works well). He come to the cellar opening and asks how did you get down there. I pleasantly ask politely to please get a ladder so I can get out of there.
    Transported to the hospital. treated and released, minor scrapes and bruises. Head hurt from hitting side of the opening as my stupid butt went through it.

    LIVE and learn, nothing but scrapes since.
    Say a prayer for me.

    This event happened about 12 years ago.

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