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    Animal Rights Bombers Warn They Will Target People Next (ABC News, 9/30/2003)

    There's been a major escalation in the fight over animal rights -- a group behind two explosions at an Emeryville biotech firm is now claiming responsibility for a bombing in Pleasanton last week.

    Their note contains a warning that the violence will be stepped up and that people will be targeted, not just buildings. ABC7 I-Team reporter Dan Noyes has an update on his investigation.

    This is a major step. Throughout history, even the most radical members of the animal rights movement have said they value all life -- animal and human. During all the lab raids and vandalism at farms and factories, no one's been injured or killed. However, that will change if the activists follow through on the threats contained in this statement.

    The statement posted on an animal rights website took credit for the bombing. At Shaklee headquarters in Pleasanton last Friday, that caused minor damage and no injuries.

    Members of a group called "the revolutionary cells" say they used a "ten pound ammonium nitrate bomb strapped with nails."

    And, they threatened more attacks with bullets and bigger bombs.

    "Today, it is 10 pounds, tomorrow 20… until your buildings are nothing more than rubble." The statement continues, "no more will all the killing be done by the oppressors, now the oppressed will strike back."

    Today, after reading the communique, the FBI launched a domestic terrorism case.

    Larae Guy, FBI special agent: "It is a matter of time before someone is killed and that is a very sobering thought."

    The FBI tells us "The Revolutionary Cells" is a splinter group of the "Animal Liberation Front"... a secret, underground society that's been raiding laboratories, fur farms and slaughterhouses for more than 25 years.

    We spoke with a former ALF spokesman today from Portland.

    Craig Rosebraugh, Former ALF spokesman: "What's more important, animal life or human life? I don't differentiate between the two."

    Craig Rosebraugh defends this escalation in tactics by animal rights activists, even to the point of death threats. He says traditional protests and vandalism have failed to bring about results.

    Craig Rosebraugh, Former ALF spokesman: "For people who are trying to protect life on this planet, we're trying to do all we can to make sure that the least amount of lives are taken, but if again, tactics abc are not working on their own, things have to be taken a step further."

    Animal rights activists have targeted Shaklee and the Biotech firm Chiron that was bombed last month, because they've hired Huntingdon Life Sciences or HLS to test products on animals.

    Activists went undercover and documented terrible abuses at Huntingdon labs, so they're trying to shut down the company by targeting its clients.

    They have just published a new list of targets -- the home addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of key Chiron employees. They promise to publish Shaklee employee information soon.

    The San Francisco spokesperson for "Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty" told us today, it's their first amendment right to publish the information, and that activists would find it on their own, anyway.

    Andrea Lindsay, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty: "If they're going to go through the efforts and the extreme risk of engaging in these activities, I don't doubt for a second they would find this information on their own."

    And "The Revolutionary Cells" is using that information to threaten Chiron and Shaklee employees.

    The communique says, "how are you sleeping? You never know when your house, your car even, might go boom... or maybe it will be a shot in the dark."

    Dan Noyes: "What do you think, do you think they'll actually carry out their threats?"

    Craig Rosebraugh, Former ALF spokesman: "I think anything's possible, but if I was in the shoes of the executives of any company having to do with HLS right now, I wouldn't feel too secure."

    We tried to speak with some of those executives who have been named as targets and whose home addresses are now posted on the animal rights web sites. They declined to speak with us. The Shaklee Corporation refused to offer any comments about this, but officials at Chiron told us they are stepping up security to protect their employees.

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    This pack of geniuses "liberated" thousands of mink from a local farm several years ago. The neighboring Interstate is about 1/4 mile away, it had to be shut down for hours because the carnage from the roadkill was causing vehicles to slide off the road.


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