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  • here we go again

    Last night we got the word that we got our FIRE grant, one of the items on our list was portable radios. We're trying to make the money go as far as it can so I'm looking for thoughts for/against Motorola HT750's or the new CP150/200's. I asked for opinions a while back regarding Kenwoods and the answers I got were very helpful, so I'd appreciate any further opinions on Kenwoods be left in that thread and stuff about Motorola's and any other portables go in here. Oh, and to save some more time, Vertex is already out of the running, the number of negative opinions dwarfed the positives.

    thanks all

    P.S-on a totally unrelated topic for you IACOJ folks out there, how long does it usually take to hear back about getting an account activated? I got the "your account is currently inactive" e-mail Monday and nothing since.
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    You've got the money, go with the better built radio that'll last in emergency services use longer.

    CP150's are just Radius radios -- they're designed to be cheap for cheap applications where if they break, you don't care.

    HT750s are public-safety class radios.
    -- Intrisincally safe (one less thing to make things go boom)
    -- Longer standard battery life
    -- Bigger battery options
    -- And I just can't see Radius radios taking the same amount of pounding & exposure as HT750s.

    Spend more money from the grant now, or scramble later to find money when you have to replace the CPs much sooner than the HTs.

    (Now, I don't have a big problem with using Radius *mobiles* -- they don't get the severe exposure as portables, and your not typically depending on a mobile for life-safety messages like you do with a portable!)
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      I wouldn't get either of those. I would not trust anything less than an HT1000 or MT2000 for use by a Fire Department.

      CP & CT series... Ah no. Not designed for it and I wouldn't put my life on it. It isn't a BAD radio, but it isn't designed for our use.

      The HT 750/1250/1550 series. Sure, if we were the police department or just an ambulance crew, I would trust it. HOWEVER, for a fire department, I don't want it. Not durable enough and Motorola's own website doesn't even list "public safety" as a target buyer.

      The Jedi series, mainly the HT1000 and MT2000 are the ones I trust. They are LOTS more durable that the 750/1250/1550. They also are actually listed with "public safety" as a target buyer. If you have the money to spend on these things, do yourself and everyone you work with a favor... get the HT1000 or MT2000. There is an MTS2000 but you probably don't need the extra fancy features it comes with.
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        I also prefer the HT1000 and Mt2000..........I use the latter and it just takes a beating ..........and works like a champ.
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          We have used the Ht1000, MT2000, and are presently useing the HT1250. For my money I prefer the Ht1250 simply because of its size. It is every bit as good a radio as the HT or the MT. I carry a radio as a volly 24/7 and have found the 1250 to be a great radio. The best radio I have carried in the past was a Motorola GP300. You could drop them off a roof drive over them lose them in a puddle of water and they refused to die. If you get the HT1250 make sure the dealer you buy them from scores you a patch cord for downloading new frequencies off a computer. They might try and tell you its not available but with a little persistance you should be able to get them to supply you one.


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            With a GP300, you could drop kick it into the air and hit it out the 3rd floor window with an axe, have it land in a fold-a-tank, sucked into a pump, blown out a deck gun and land 1/4 mile away on the pavement and it would STILL work. They don't make them like that anymore.

            However, I assure you the HT1250 is *not* every bit as good as an HT1000. The two are VASTLY different and believe me, the HT1000 & MT2000 can run circles around a 750/1250/1550. You may not have had an incidnet that proves such, but trust me, it will happen.

            If you get the HT1250 make sure the dealer you buy them from scores you a patch cord for downloading new frequencies off a computer. They might try and tell you its not available but with a little persistance you should be able to get them to supply you one.
            I apologize in advance for this.... However there is absolutely NO validity to this last statment whatsoever. Not a single bit.
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              We are pretty happy with our HT1250s. They are some what like the 750s. We still have some GE/Ericson, they are the worst radios made. Just looking at them the wrong way and they break.
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                nmfire, what statement are you refering to that has no validity, the fact that you can get a patch cord or that the dealer won't give you one.
                We have been up to our eyeballs in $hite with the 1250 and it has proven itself. Believe me, otherwise we would not be using them.


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                  We are using the motorola MTS2000. They seem to be good radios. I think the remote mike is a bit big, but otherwise I Like them.
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                    The entire statement is incorrect. It isn't just a "patch cable" to download frequencies that the dealer would give you. It does't work like that AT ALL. You don't just plug it into a computer with a "patch cable" and download frequencies. Nope.

                    1. You need the propriatary software which is for the most part not available to the end user, only service shops and dealers. Motorola is just not selling the software for these Professional Series Radios to end users like they did with the older radios. And for that matter, you can NOT buy it from a dealer, yours included. Only the Motorola Factory sells it. You need to fill out 1.5 miles of paperwork and fork over ~$400.00 for the license if they do decide to sell it to you which is not likely unless you have a really good reason.

                    2. You need a Motorola Radio Interface Box (RIB) which connected to the computer via serial cable. The RIB is additional ~$200.00. There are aftermarker knockoffs cheaper on ebay, but they suck and will ruin your radios in short order.

                    3. Then and only then does this "Patch Cable" do you any good. There is a special model-specific cable that goes from the RIB to the radio.

                    Then you need to know the ins and outs of the software and how NOT to break the radio using it. There are a LOT of settings that if not done correctly will wreak havoc on your radio system, license, and possible turn your radio into a $1,200 door stop.

                    My opinion on the HTpro series vs the Jedi's still stands. I don't trust them. I won't buy them for other people in my department to trust. If you do, thats your perogative.
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                      nmfire I don't know how you do do it down south of the border, but what I do know is that we program our own radios. Call it what you like, patch cable, serial cable, whatever, we use it and we program our radios. If it's propriatary software that is used we have. Our dept. takes care of public works, bylaw enforcement, ambulance, and fire, we have 40-50 radios in service at any one time and do all the programing of our radios. Call it what you want my friend but I do know what we use!


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                        What I am getting at is there is A LOT more to it than you are trying to lead people to belive. It isn't just a cable like you keep saying and you can't just "get it from your dealer". This is Motorola policy and has nothing to do with what side of the border you are on. I'm guessing you aren't the one doing this programming and such otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation? I am not "calling it what I want" smart ***. I am calling it what it IS! You clearly do NOT "know what you use" because the objects and procedures you speak of DO NOT EXIST.

                        My point is, for the orginal topic starter and those watching intently and actually paying attention... Do not read his comments and think "Oh, we can just get the radio and "a cable" and program it ourselves." It doesn't work like that no matter what anyone else here is trying to convince you.
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                          nmfire, you can sit at your computer and call me a smartass or whatever you like. You are not here where we do the programing of said radios, so to come across as a know all to end all is counter productive at best. I am going to end my involvement in this post because it appears that you know everything there is know about radios and apparantly I know nothing. But you know what my friend I learned long ago not to get into an argument with a fool because they drag you down to thier level and beat the crap out of you with expierence.


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                            If you don't want to argue with me, I really don't give a hoot. I don't care what you do or don't do. I really don't. Your final comments mean nothing to me because thats just what they mean... Nothing. Come up with something a little more original next time. I find amusing that you feel trying to correct an error in information is "coutner productive". Apparently, you either really don't know what your talking about, or you just can't handle being wrong (or both). Your loss, not mine and I sure will not let it be a loss to everyone else here. There are other members on this forum who need to learn about this and need accurate information to do so. It's called making an informed decission. I saw information that was incorrect and misleading. I corrected it. DEAL WITH IT. Have a nice day.

                            Anyone else here who is remotely familiar with programming Motorola radios of any kind (and I know there are several people here) can back me up on everything I have said. I am not worried about your opinion at all and neither should anyone else here. And if anyone still remains unconvinced... SUGGESTED READING

                            Oy Vey.

                            Anyway, back to the topic at hand... tripperff, are you making any progress on a decision? Wise choice leaving Vertex aside for now. Their service department has some serious issues right now and 6 months to do a warrenty repair is just not acceptable. What kind of system is this going to be used on? Is it going to be new or an existing infrastructure? If it is new, you want to concider the use of Companding since it will be Narrow Band. Not needed but it does help with audio quality. Oh yea, I forgot... CONGRADULATIONS ON THE GRANT!!!! I am anxiously awaiting approval of the one we submitted which also just happens to be for a new radio system
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                              Egads! /\/\otorola mayham Batman!!!!

                              LACAPT, I have been on these forums for a long time and nmfire's advice about radios (and alot of other things to) has always been clear,to the point and CORRECT.

                              He was trying to give good advice to tiperff and he did. There was no need to bash him or call him a names.
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