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IAFF Statement on Firefighter Death

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  • IAFF Statement on Firefighter Death

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The International
    Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) mourns one of its own today,
    as raging wildfires in southern California claimed the life of
    Steve Rucker, a member of the Marin Fire Department who was
    represented by Marin Professional Fire Fighters Local 1775.
    Below is a statement from IAFF General President Harold
    Schaitberger, who was in California at the time of the tragedy,
    on the loss of Brother Rucker:

    "On behalf of our 260,000 members, the IAFF sends our
    sympathies to the family of Brother Rucker and wish for a quick
    recovery to the fire fighters injured in the Cedar fire. The
    heroism that he and his fellow fire fighters have displayed in
    recent days to ward off this devastating threat to countless
    communities and millions of residents is truly an inspiration to
    all Americans, especially grateful Californians facing these
    catastrophic fires.

    "The loss of Brother Rucker is a reminder to us all on of the
    significant dangers facing the men and women of the fire service,
    especially those on the frontline in California right now. As we
    have seen so often in the last two years, this is yet another
    opportunity for our elected leaders to better learn and quickly
    respond to the critical needs of our emergency responders.

    "Based on our work with Senator Barbara Boxer, an amendment
    was overwhelmingly passed yesterday that will require the
    National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH) to
    conduct long-term health monitoring for fire fighters responding
    to events -- like the wildfires -- that have been declared
    natural disasters by the Federal government.

    "As the IAFF mourns the loss of Brother Rucker, I am committed
    to making sure that his death was not in vein. Being on hand
    when Steve was brought to the hospital really brings his death
    and sacrifice home to me. In his honor, this union and I will
    work tirelessly to ensure that the Boxer amendment is ultimately
    enacted into law and that his brother and sister fire fighters
    who responded in California, and who will respond to future
    disasters, are protected.

    "May God bless our fire fighters on the fire lines in the
    coming days and may they stay safe until this threat passes."


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    professional fire fighters and paramedics who protect 80 percent
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