I'm sure that this question has been on here a million times before, but I apologize, as I just recently was able to access an online connection again.
My question is multi-part. The first part deals with hiring.
I have always heard wonderful things about Hot Shot crews, HeliTack crews, smokejumpers, etc. I was wondering how one goes about getting involved and/or hired for this type of work. Sadly, I live in CT, about as far from the apparent action as possible. But I still would love to get information on getting involved in wildland firefighting.
The next part is about trainging. As I said,I live in CT ( for the moment), and I was wondering where I can go to get information on Fire 1 traigning, SCBA, VRT, speilized rescue training, etc. I live right near New Haven. I was told by a friend that there is a traiing grounds near here, but I'll be darned if I can find it.
The last part of my question also involves traiing, sort of. I am originally from Pa, and am an EMT-B there. Is this certification good for anywhere, or because PA is not NFPA, do I have tochallenge the test here in CT to get national?
Thanks much, and I appreciate your responses. Y'all be safe, and stay low. Peace.