I have a few questions that hopefully someone can give me some advice on! I was a volunteer/paid on call firefighter in a small town in MN for over a year. I was trying to get on the city of Minneapolis fire dept. And at that time they were having lay off's because of MN budgit cuts. So only beint 19 at the time I decided to enlist in the Air Force. Hoping to get a job as a firefighter. Well my recruiter screwed me out of that job, and I am now an aircrew egress tech. (work on ejection seats on F-15's) I truly have a passion for firefighting, and want to get on a dept full time. I have 3 years left in the AF. I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to apply at some depts now being it takes so long for the hiring process? And if there is anyone out there that knows about how to crosstrain in the AF before your normal time limit? Or if anyone knows any way I can get out of the military early for a job as a civillian? I have heard a few things, and am just wondering on how I can get back into firefighting, and a job that I really love! Any help/links/advice would be great!
Trevor White