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What % of Calls are Structure Fires?

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  • What % of Calls are Structure Fires?

    I am just curious what percentage of calls are structure fires at YOUR station? I know of some of my friends that work for other departments who their stations run like less that 1% structure fires. My Engine Ran 19% structure fires last year, and this year laready are well over 20% of the runs are. I feel that this is unusually high for most departments..I was just wondering what kind of activity everybody else runs.We run 51% medical calls out of the station(first response). what does everybody else run?

    Any Opinion expressed, are my own, and do not reflect my Department...RB

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    Hey budy our departement runs about 90% Structure fire and the rest would be 5% orther types of fire. The remaining 5% would normally be MVA's .. But that is because with our company we do not respond to ems calls we have an ambulance service for that. So if the only calls you go on involve fire or rescue extrification work you structural percentage will be higher.

    But even your company even should not have as high a pecentage, because you also do ems.

    Are the houses and structures in you zone older. Are your builiding codes different?

    Anyways take care and be safe.
    Yves Bourgoin


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      80% EMS - 20% Fire and other, AFA,CAR,Brush,Haz-Mat,etc. Would like to clarify our 80% EMS. We run 3 ALS Ambulances and one of our 6 Engines is an ALS Engine. We did 4,947 Runs down 63 from '99.

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        This is the second time I've seen someone chime in about Waco and how busy they are. Let's see some stats pal...are you counting Tractor fires too???

        I checked out your web site...not much there...did the Branch Dividians brainwash you all???

        If it is true that you are doing "2-3 fires a shift" it probably won't last much longer...I think there are only a dozen or so barns left in Waco



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          Ok, why are you in here dishing your trash engineforlife...what did Texas or Waco ever do to you? It sounds to me that you just want some more fires to put out...jeolousy, pure and simple. And TXFIRE6, just to shut this guy up, you have eveidence for this? And only 51% Med, that sounds kinda high too...although, don't doubt me, as I do believe you.

          "When the bell goes ding-ding, its time to get on the woo-woo."
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            Bristol Borough Fire Department
            urban area, old town, row homes, old factories, not much brush.
            2000 total responses 552
            2.5% structure fires all within our first due
            28.62% mutual aide calls usually structure in nature
            20.28% EMS we respond only when first due medic is not available.

            The structural fires listed are a minimum of room and contents.
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              Current 2000 figures for Cherry Point MCAS Fire Department are:

              Fire (Structural and others) 9%
              False Alarms (all) 32%
              EMS (All) 27%
              HazMat 10%
              Aircraft Responses 13%
              others 9%

              That's not the complete rundown just a rough breakdown to keep this fairly short. We ran 1,379 alarms last year which is down from the previous year. As you can see, like most departments today the majority of our responses is other than firefighting. We do get our share of "bells, smells, and fainting spells."


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                My answer and and our statistics depend on what you would like to call a "structure fire" because our computerized incident reporting system classifies something like a small oven fire or clothes dryer fire a "structure fire" because it occured within the confines of a structure. Using that system approx 40% of all (we do not do EMS) of our calls for the last 7 years were "structure fires" but if you want to limit "structure fire" to workers - with smoke and flames coming out the sashes - then it's now down to around 10%. That number has declined dramatically over the years possibly due to better fire and building codes, prevention plans, and public awareness. The one number going up however is the one for suspicious fires.


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                  Engineforlife, or whatever you are..I was not trying to brag about anything. And Daysleeper, thanks for sticking up for me. I was simply curious about how many structure fires other stations around the country acutally respond to. We run first response medical, and all other types of calls that most fire departments run. I don't get jealous when other departments run more fires than us..I say go get 'em boys... I read in Firehouse Magazine everymonth(firewire) about Reading,PA fires, and it seems like they make a lot of fires, but it doesn't bother me..I'm rather impressed. And your comments about Waco,..and Branch Dividians, first off that was outside the city limits , in the county, so don't even go there. We are not even that busy of a fire department, but we do run quite a bit of fires..as compared to other cities around us. We have a poplulation over 110,000 and 13 stations. No barns or tractors that I can think of as you made rude comments about. As a department we run over 10,000 calls with about about 8-9% being strucure fires structure fires, but my engine company(inner city) runs consistantly about 17-23% structure fires. We ran 1140 calls last year, wich is not even busy compared to national statistics, but 197 of those were structure fires. The 51% medical emergencies we ran(2000 stats) is quite low compared to the rest of the city. I was simply asking other guys what kind of statistics they have for THEIR stations. No big deal right? So why the Texas bashing? I mean I have relatives who are firefighters in PA, and have no problems if they see alot of fire. All I'm trying to say is we are all just on here trying to here what others around the country(and Canada) are doing, isn't that what a forum is for? And as for ragging us for having 2-3 structre fires a day, it happens, well over 800 a year, and well you do the math....or is it that complicated

                  Any Opinion expressed, are my own, and do not reflect my Department...RB


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                    Our small 17 member Volunteer Fire Department ran 113 Fire calls and 141 medical calls last year. Out of the 100 Fire calls about 32 were structures and I mean working fires.We have a lot of barn and Chicken House fires dues to our somewhat rual area.We are just outside of a large city where the State University is so we also have a lot of residential area.

                    27% Structure
                    22% Vehicle Fires
                    33% Car Accidents
                    11% Brush,grass woods ect.
                    6% Fire alarms,smoke,CO2
                    1% False calls


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