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    We are currently switching to a traditional style helmet and are looking for differant ideas as to designating rank. We realize that the front shield can be used but we are interested in different ideas for the back. Our rank structure is Chief, Asst. Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Firefighter. Other than Chief officers we are planning on using the same color helmet. Not exactly an earth shaking question, but thanks for your help.

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    We used to use different color helmets for different ranks. All of our helmets are now the same color, except chiefs, and beside the front shield, the reflective tetra-hedrons are a different color. We have yellow helmets and the reflective stripes are:


    It works pretty well.
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      In my dept we have issued metro helmets w/ the color scheme of:
      Chief/Dep- white

      For those of us w/ traditional styles we use front shield color scheme of:

      FF- black helmet w/ black shield
      Lt- black helmet w/ white shield
      Capt- black helmet w/ red shield
      Chief/Dept- white helmet w/ gold shield

      * also the officers have their line numbers in large reflective stickers (2") on the back of there helmets (ex 62 is an LT, C7 is a Capt, C1 is chief) for identification from behind *
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        We have a simple and easy to understand method here in New Zealand. Check it at http://www.fire.org.nz/more_info/fire_stuff/helmets.htm
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          We use white for Chief Officers, Red for Captains, Black for everyone else except trainees. Trainees all get orange helmets. All helmets have the front shield with the rank, and reflective chevrons with the rank on both sides. We have stick on lettering with the name on the rear brim.

          The orange helmet makes it easy to identify a trainee especially when working with mutual aid departments. It is also an incentive for the trainee to complete the basic fireifhgter course so they can get rid of that orange helmet.

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            We use different helmet colors

            FF= Black
            Lt.= Yellow
            Red= Capt
            White=Chief & Asst Chief
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              Umm... Kiwi, I love you man, but that system would confuse the crap outta me!!

              It is all in what you deal with on a day to day basis, so we probably would confuse you with our systems. Come to think of it I am confused by it sometimes myself!!
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                This has worked well in the UK since WW2, but we have a lot of Ranks in our Big FD's.

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                  FF's Black 1010 with Eng. Co's having a black passport & Tck's having a Red passport

                  FAO (engineer) Red 1010 with blue passport & background behind writting

                  Cpt/Lt Red 1010 w/ white shield & red background, with red passport

                  Chief White 1010 w/ White shield with red background and white or red passport (some chiefs have bought thier own goldleaf shields)

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                    I would agree with cfdeng3, different color tetrahedrons would probably be the easiest system.

                    You can find reflective tape in many colors so you could make up your own color schemes.


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                      Since you mentioned that only chiefs will wear a different color helmet, here's a simple solution that's been used in my area for years to identify line officers. Paint the back two slats of the traditional helmet white..this coupled with a white shield on the front easily identifies a line officer from both the front & back.

                      If painting will present a problem due to use of fiberglass (see the thread on recoloring helmets), then different color tetrahedrons (reflective "triangles") will do the trick. Simple, cheap & it works...most depts. I know use red for identifying officers since almost all helmets are equipped standard with yellow.

                      Ok, well that's my 2 cents, hope it helps you out. Stay Safe...


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                        and for people who have new yorkers
                        black with black shield-ff
                        black with yellow shield or yellow helmet-Lt
                        black with red shield or red helmet-Capt
                        white with white shield-Chief


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                          like everyone else we also use colors not specific marking of the same helemt.......Chiefs White, Capts and Lt's yellow.......
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                            2 cents...

                            When it comes to helmets markings, I like the magnet
                            panels. You can attach different titles and units
                            numbers. ie- "E-24" and "TO", etc.

                            Here is a picture...
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