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New Price on K80 Firecams

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  • New Price on K80 Firecams

    Has anybody noticed the new price of the K80 Firecams in the latest issue of firehouse?


    That is not bad at all. Given, it is the most BASIC of possible TICs, but realy, what else is needed? This price has dropped from 8000$ just a moth ago the last time I priced them.

    For that price you get the TIC with 3 hour battery and charger.

    We have filled out our questions and 1199A for the Fire Act, any day now we should be announced. We requested 16,000 for a TIC, that is what a neigborhing department paid for one bullard. We were reduced to 12,000, FEMA thought anything more then that to be excessive.

    I have been shopping for TICs under that price, the K80 seems to be one of the bet bets, mostly because we can get 2 of the basic onces for the 12,000 plus a dip in the slush fund.

    My thoughts on this is that 2 sets of basic eyes are better then one set of eyes that have neat readouts and color pics.

    So, has anybody ever used a basic K80 on the fireground? What did you think of it?

    Do basic TICs give adequate performance? Remember, in our case we could never buy a TIC on our own budget, grants make it possible. Haveing 2 Badic TICs in our tiny department would be more beneficial then 1 higher dollar unit.

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    We just ordered a K80 with our Fire Act grant. The price we got dropped very significantly from the time we got quotes for our app and actually put out requests for bids.

    We've never had a TIC, so I don't have a baseline for comparision but there are many K80s and a few K90s in our area and I've not heard one single complaint regarding their performance or reliability. We opted for the K80 with the through-the-lens temp display and a few other neat features. One thing I really like is that it will supposedly run on alkaline batteries in a pinch.


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