Recently, there has been a great deal of discussion about Zylon (a major portion of Millenia) degrading SIGNIFICANTLY in hot, humid conditions. This has mainly dealt with Zylon as used in ballistic body armor ("bulletproof vests").

I was wondering if anyone has any information about this as it relates to its use in PPE... it has a 5 year warranty as advertised. Just wondering if anyone has had issues yet. I hadn't seen this discussed here yet, but I figure it's quite important given the "hot and humid" conditions, since that's pretty much where we all end up at some point or another. The study below by Toyobo (who makes Zylon) also shows that routing exposure to fluorescent lights--in addition to sunlight--seriously alters the strength of Zylon.

FYI a ballistic vest made of Zylon failed and a patrolman was injured when he was shot. The Zylon vest was rated to stop the round that struck him. A major manufacturer is releasing some pretty serious info about the vests, and sending out "upgrades" to anyone who has one. SecondChance writes, "When introduced, the early degradation of this miracle fiber (ZYLON®) was not predicted by anyone in our industry. This new advanced fiber is the strongest man made fiber in the world. It allowed vest manufacturers to make vests so thin and light that it virtually removed the burden of wearing armor. Little did we know where this new fiber would lead us."

Many PD's are replacing all of their vests on an emergency basis.