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What Is Arnie Going To Screw Up First?

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  • What Is Arnie Going To Screw Up First?

    I only know a few Californians, and all of them are firefighters. They are all blessed with good sense, and if they are representative of the other citizens of that state, how did "Arnie the Actor" get elected? I guess my concern is over the remark (widely quoted) that state government will be entirely reshaped and downsized. California is the only state that I am aware of with a Fire Protection System with statewide coverage for all types of incidents. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has taken some budget hits already, and with a totally new person who doesn't understand (or care, according to some accounts) how things fit together, will CDF go down the tubes? Anyone out there got a handle on this? (BTW, Cheffie, I consider you as one of the firefighters). Stay Safe....
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    I am holding off judgement just yet. Lets give him a month or two to adjust and then see how he does. I think he is going to get alot more "focus" than your average govenor.
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      California is the only state that I am aware of with a Fire Protection System with statewide coverage for all types of incidents. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection has taken some budget hits already,

      CDF has statewide forest fire capabilities.

      They provide a lot of local coverage, too -- but as contractors to the Counties/Municipalities in that capacity (someone from Cali correct me if I'm far off!).

      In that contract role, I'm not sure how much state budget cuts would directly impact them.

      Now, a fascinating study in screwed up property taxes is California. One of the good side effects is it has forced a lot of little fire districts to consolidate if they want to increase revenue though!

      Anyway, in California residential (not sure on commercial) properties are assessed based on their last actual sale.

      You could have two identical homes next to each other. One was last sold in 1975, for say $100,000. The other in 2000 for $500,000. Say you have a mill rate of $10/1000 the person whose lived there for 25 years pays $1,000 in taxes, and their new next door neighbor pays $5,000. Because of that and other quirks, many municipalities also use sales taxes and other revenue sources to make up for very strict and quirky property tax regulations.

      Largely that came about from an over-reaction to poor practices in the 60s/70s when cities would enjoy both a growth in the value of properties -- and leave their tax rate constant. That made them flush with cash.

      For comparison, in Connecticut properties are physically inspected & reassessed ("re-evaluation") every 10 years, and since the early 1990s at years 4 & 7 (or 3 & 6...I forget) they undergo a statistical re-evaluation. The whole town/city is done at once -- in theory and practice, value of property goes up but the tax rate goes down since local spending remains pretty constant. Sometimes there's some monkeying, but it's usually small and doesn't torque off too many people. The biggest "hit" you get is if a town is losing industrial & commercial evaluation, more of the taxes assessed fall on residences -- and that's what the statistical re-evaluation in the intermediate years help to buffer, so the residents don't get hit with the whole shock at once. Of course, new houses are assessed when they're built, plus building permits go to the Tax Assessors so they can add in the value of your new kitchen to next year's bill.

      I will say Fire Districts in CT do tend to benefit from rising assesments -- most districts keep a small mill rate, say 1 mill v. 25-35 mills typical for the Town. So while a town may drop it's mill rate from 30 to 20 if they saw 50% growth in property values because that's the big tax bill and the one people complain about...the districts often keep the same steady 1 mill and now get 50% more revenue and since it's so small compared to the Town bill, no one really bothers with it.

      Any way, I'm probably babbling, but taxes and how fairly we assess them is important. It affects patterns of growth & development -- for instance all of southern New England is seeing rapid rise in housing costs. Towns don't encourage development, because it costs $4,000 more per student for education than a house is taxed at. In my town, each new home built with a single student living there bumps up my taxes by about $4/year, not a lot but collectively, well you bet your bippy I don't want to see a couple hundred new houses built! So instead, supply of housing is constrained and going through the roof -- my coworker bought his house in 2000 for $140,000 and just got an offer for $261,000.

      Monkey with taxes, and strange things can happen.
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        He has already screwed up! He had Dee Snyder sing at his campaign appearance.
        Of course, his film career will take a hit for a while, but really; does Arnie really need the money? Maria will probably have to go back to work.
        He will hand deliver California to Bush in the 2004 election.
        I am guessing that the official state vehicle will be the Hummer H2.
        I doubt that much will get done with government, but at least they'll have fun doing it!
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          When I listened to Maria's strong statement in support of her husband, I started wishing that it were HER running for gov, instead of Arnold. I wonder if he is bringing Hans and Franz in with him?
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            I am unable to answer the original question of "what will Arny screw up First?" However if the political cartoons have anything to make judgements by.....
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              He can't (expletive deleted) up the State of California any worse than Gray Davis and company!
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                Give him a chance, maybe just maybe he'll do a good job. After all who out there actually expected Jesse Ventura to do as well as he has.


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                  I agree that he needs more time to get situtaed and see what happens. And as Gonzo says how can you make it worse ? and look at what Jesse the body did !
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                    You guys dont even live here...

                    Ok, If you lived here and saw some of his ads
                    and listened to what he had to say at the debates,
                    you might have a little more confidence.
                    I do, why?

                    He has a new, fresh perspective and California
                    is tired of the "politics as usual." He wants
                    to give back to a state that has been good to
                    him vs. accepting bribes, kick backs, etc.

                    Yeah, give him a chance. He was better that
                    some of those other career politicians...Bou
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                      Thank you Gonzo I saw a sign somewhere that said
                      "I'd rather be groped by Arnold than bent over by Davis" Give the guy a chance to be sworn in first. We have no where to go but up. I know we are the laughing stock of the U.S. right now but I'm confident in saying things will change for the better.
                      Dalmation; CDF supported Davis, they are a state run agency and they contract out to communities for personnel. The state sets thier wages. The California State Firefighters Association (CSFA) supported Schwarzenegger. You're right about the property tax assessments it's pretty screwed up.


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                        I think many states could benefit from a total change and revamping of their respective political machines. Look at what having useless, corrupt, inbreeding, patronage has brought our current political systems.

                        Maybe a guy who will actually qyestion why so much money is going here and there and not being accounted for is a good thing. For the most part I tend not to vote, Republican or Democrat, for a career politician. This explains why I do not vote for Ted Kennedy - Been there since the early '60s, or John "Live shot" Kerry - been there since early '70s. You know too many people, they have too much influence over you, and you are too likely to be led astray by the public interest groups that have lined your pocket for years.

                        As for Arnold, hopefully he does well. If he surrounds himself with good people that know how to do the right thing, then he will do well. And maybe, just maybe, people across this country will wake up and stand up to the corrupt system we have and those that continue to suck at the trough. Like you guys have said, Ventura was a laughing stock when he ran, and was even worse after he won. Overall the people of Minnesota seem to think he was a decent enough guy and that he did a pretty good job. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe I'll run agains Kerry or Kennedy next time myslef. Nah, I can;t afford to stay here in Mass.
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                          Ah cripes, I know better to do this, but what would a firehouse be with stirring the pot...

                          I saw this quote a few days back, and had to go find it:

                          IAFF President Harold Schaitberger said recall advocates seem eager to ignore the fact that California was among many other states that grappled with budget deficits this past year, and that the energy policy for which Davis is now blamed was actually formulated under Wilson. He derided Schwarzenegger, whose campaign Wilson now manages, as "a muscle-bound movie star who has no damn clue how to run a government."

                          "You may be the mayor of Muscle Beach, but stay the hell out of Sacramento," he said.

                          Dal scampers out the dog door now...
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                            No offense to my union brothers.
                            I often check the IAFF site and read it's "press releases".
                            To me the IAFF is nothing more than a labor union and lobbyist group looking out for its own interests and its own canadates and I can not belive half the garbage that comes out of it. It has done good for firefighters at other times bad for them like any other union. I cant understand why so many people think that what the IAFF prez says is true and take it as gospal?

                            Sorry just had to say that.
                            Gonzo your right----it cant get much worse.
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                              To me the IAFF is nothing more than a labor union and lobbyist group looking out for its own interests and its own canadates

                              Um, at the risk of stating the obvious...That's what it is.
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