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  • Thank you for attending

    As a member one of the honor guards that participated in the funerals of our fallen brothers in Ohio, I would like to thank all of you that showed up both in body and in mind.

    It may seem that your presence was just a drop in the bucket, but standing at attention, seeing all my brothers and sisters out there with me, filled me with a pride that I cannot describe. Standing at attention, I am supposed to be staring at the man accross from me, but I could not help to look out among the faces of so many people present to show that we are still a brotherhood, that politics and inter-department struggles don't matter when it really comes down to it. Whenever I start to feel a cramp, whenever our presentation of arms and colors seemed to go on forever, all I had to do was look out amongst you, to realize all the brothers and sisters out there who had us in our thoughts, renewed my energy and allowed me to go on.

    And again, as with any funeral, I find it difficult not to see the faces of those in so much grief. At these times, while I didn't know my brothers who fell, I force myself to hold back tears.

    Thank you all

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    All the honor guards did a great job.

    If anyone from New Bremen reads these forums, let me say you did a fine job in terrible circumstances. You sent your Brothers off in grand style! A larger department couldn't have done it any better. You should be very proud.

    This was our BROTHERHOOD at it's finest. I'm honored that I could be a very small part of it.


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      It wasn't until I spoke to a relative of a Dallas fireman killed last year that I realized exactly what, not only this weekend means to them, but also how much the workshops helped with thier healing process.

      Excellent job all. You are the reasons I am proud to call myself a fireman.
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