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changing work schedules-morning or evenning relief time ?

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  • changing work schedules-morning or evenning relief time ?

    we are changing from a 24 on - 48 off work schedule to a 24 on - 24 off, 24 on - 24 off, 24 0n 120 off. at this time we exchange shifts at 6:00 p.m. i know alot of people who work this schedule change shifts at 7:00 a.m. can anyone help me with info on this type of shift HELP!!!

    thanks james union pres.1051
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    Disclaimer: I am a morning person!

    There's a lot of room for subjectivity here, but I'll give you my take:

    The biggest plus to a morning shift change is that you life is more in tune with most of the the civilian world.

    I used to work for a department that had a 0600 shift change. The early change allowed me to get home in time to see my family before they went to work/school. I was also off early enough to start a second (construction) job at the same time as the rest of the crew.

    The department I work for now changes at 0800. That's too late to see my wife and kids in the mornings, and I feel like I'm playing catch-up at my second job. That said, I still feel more like a part of the rest of the world by going in to work in the morning.

    This department used to change at 18:00 (changed approx. 7 years ago, just before I started). Very few people have good things to say about the night change. The only ones who still complain about the move to morning shift change are the hardcore boozers. (I'm not passing judgement here, that's just the way it is.)

    I hope this longish explanation helps some. As for truth in advertising, let me reiterate that I am a morning person, YMMV!

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      I used to work that same shift, but with a 7:00 a.m. start time. I liked it for the same reasons that the previous poster listed. My only complaint about the shift in general was that 24 hours off wasn't enough time to recover if you were assigned to the squad and caught some busy shifts. You could really tell the difference between the first shift in the sequence and the third. Everyone was really dragging when we got to 3rd 24 on. Still, I know alot of folks who love working this shift pattern. Around here, we call it the "California Shift". I guess its popular on the west coast.


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        How busy are you guys? What happens to training and other daytime activities if you have had 4 or 5 runs after midnight? I know that if I have had a busy night, I want to come home, put the kids on the bus and go to bed for a few hours.
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          We are on a 24/48 schedule, with our shift change at 12 noon. My station, as well as others in my FD have gone to an earlier time. Unfortunatly, ours is still only 11 am, not much better. In my 2 previous Depts we changed at 7am, and I loved it. Like mentioned, I was able to get home and have 2 "full" days to do whatever. Now, I feel like I have 1 1/2, as do most of the guys. The only other time our Chief will even consider is 7 am, which is fine with some. It does not seem to sit well with the "old heads" and boozers here either. So, we seem to be stuck at noon. As far as making a lot of runs, I think early is better. I could come home and sleep a couple of hours and still have a lot of the day left after. With 11, by the time I get home and eat, change etc, it's already getting into the afternoon. Sleeping would pretty much ruin the day. We just tried changing at 9am, but 2 guys on one of the shifts pretty much ruined it, since we can't "make" them change earlier, we ended up having to go back to 11. Our EMS crews change at 7 am, and are on a 24/72 schedule.

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            the california shift

            most of the stations where i live are cdf (california department of forestry and fire protection) stations. 3 days on 4 days off. i like it.


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              WOW ...............these forums are intersting .........some places change in the middle of the day ? WOW .......around here everyone is @ 0700 or at the MAX 0800..............I know that I would hate the mid-day chift change if I had a bad night ........cause @ 0500 I know I only have 2 hours to go .......and back in the FT medic days that would make a killing on ya !
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                08:00 for me

                Our department changes at 0800. We work 4- 24 hour shifts then 96 hours off, 4 more 24 hour shifts then 144 hours off.
                I prefer the 0800 change, I commute an hour to the firehouse. A department in the area changes at 0600. If my job were to change at 6, then I'd have to be on the road by 04:45 to be at the firehouse before change up. As it is now, I'm on the road, paper and breakfast drink onboard by 0630.
                I do work a second job, as a 911 dispatcher, so I don't have to be places early. My wife to be (3 weeks today!!!) works and if I get out of the firehouse by 8, I can bust home quick and see her before she goes to work.
                I don't know if I like the idea of changing up later in the day. After some nights, I don't want to get out of bed at 7 to go home at 8. I'd have a really hard time getting out of bed if we were to change at 12.

                My opinion...



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                  Shift Schedule

                  Our department works this schedule with one exception. After our third shift in the series we have four days off (96hrs) This is the only schedule I have worked and I like it. I do believe if I lived in an area with a heavy comute I would prefer the 48hr shift.


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                    2 cents...

                    In Calif...most depts. shift trade at 8AM.
                    (That I know of)

                    But, a really popular schedule is 2 on, 4 off.

                    -Less driving to work, less pollution, less wear
                    and tear on the car, more family time, etc...
                    And if you work the "kelly schedule" (3s+4s)
                    this new schedule gives you 21 more 4 days a

                    I can email anyone info on the subject. Please
                    email me at [email protected]



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                      evening sucks...

                      We changed from an 1800 swap to an 0700 not too long ago. The sole redeeming quality of the evening was that if you got hammered with calls in the wee hours, in theory you could sleep it off at the firehouse, while you're getting paid. In reality, that was only possible at certain stations (does everyone's main station suck?) which weren't ever the ones who got hammered.

                      I guess it had two: with the evening, I could pickle my liver 2 nights in a row. Now I have to shut down the boozin' early. I don't drink a lot. Just often. Did somebody say hardcore boozer?

                      But morning feels like more time off. It's still 48 hrs., but it feels like more. Also, there isn't an expectation of early relief anymore. When we changed at 6, you were "late" if you showed up any later than a quarter after 5. So some guys'd work 23's, some would work 25's. Which doesn't seem like a big deal, but it was a pain in the ***.

                      Just my thoughts...
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                        Re: changing work schedules-morning or evenning relief time ?

                        Originally posted by jplfire8864
                        we are changing from a 24 on - 48 off work schedule to a 24 on - 24 off, 24 on - 24 off, 24 0n 120 off. at this time we exchange shifts at 6:00 p.m. i know alot of people who work this schedule change shifts at 7:00 a.m. can anyone help me with info on this type of shift HELP!!!

                        thanks james union pres.1051
                        One of the departments that I worked for changed at 5.oo PM..

                        this allowed for a few things, those coming on shift could have dinner and relax at the first part of the shift, then the next morning work, then go home and have dinner at home..
                        Those on the off-going shift could go home, have a drink or 6, and still be able to take 8 hours off with no booze and show up for work, instead of the 5 hours or less between last call and report time. which in the state of Oregon is illegal...

                        I am not a morning person, and this allows me 3 day a week (on a 24 on / 24 off schedule to sleep in.

                        My CURRENT work is Go to work 7am monday get off work 7am thurs, for a 72 on, 96 off work shift.. 3 days on, 4 day weekend including Fri-Sat and Sunday each week. take 3 days off work, and have 11 days in a row off.



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