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Ohio silo explosion

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  • Ohio silo explosion

    I just saw this on the AP wire. I hope and pray the injuries aren't serious. Does anybody know the details?

    Silo explodes at Ohio lumber company

    The Associated Press
    10/1/2003, 10:43 a.m. CT

    NEW KNOXVILLE, Ohio (AP) -- A silo at a lumber company in western Ohio exploded Wednesday, injuring seven firefighters and an undetermined number of lumber yard employees, the fire chief said.

    Fire Chief Scott Sehroer did not know the extent of the injuries. Witnesses said two people were taken by helicopter to a hospital.

    Sehroer said firefighters got a call shortly before 7 a.m. about a fire at the Hoge Lumber Co. They were hosing down dust in an effort to avoid an explosion when the explosion occurred, he said.

    "What we had here was a dust silo that feeds the boiler for the lumber company," Sehroer said. "They've had fires in these before."

    A woman who answered the telephone at the lumber yard said no one was available to talk.

    "We're keeping our lines open for emergencies," she said before hanging up.

    Fire departments from New Knoxville, New Breman, Wapakoneta and St. Marys Township responded.

    New Knoxville, a village of about 900 people, is about 50 miles north of Dayton.

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    Firefighter Kenneth Jutte of the New Bremen Fire Department was pronounced dead at 9:40 a.m. He was thrown from the top of the silo when the explosion occurred. There was another firefighter thrown from an aerial bucket. It was reported that he is in critical condition. A third firefighter was reported injured, but those injuries were not life threatening.

    NBC4Columbus news
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      Unfortunately, a second firefighter has died of injuries sustained while fighting this fire.

      Our prayers are with the fallen, their families, and their departments.
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        May our brothers rest in everlasting peace. May the Lord bless and comfort the families, the department...and the friends of our departed brothers.

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          LODDs New Bremen FD

          NEW KNOXVILLE -- A small town fire department in western Ohio is reeling after losing two of its firefighters in an explosion.

          At least nine other people were taken to hospitals this morning after the blast blew the top off a silo at the Hoge Lumber Company in New Knoxville.

          Both firefighters killed are from the New Bremen fire department.

          They were spraying water inside the 75-foot tall silo when the explosion occurred.

          New Bremen firefighter Kenneth Jutte was pronounced dead at a hospital in St. Marys.

          Hours later a second firefighter died at St. Rita's hospital in Lima.

          New Knoxville fire chief Scott Schroer says firefighters were working at a fire at the silo and were hosing down sawdust to prevent the kind of explosion that happened.

          Authorities say the fire was reported at 7 a.m. and the explosion happened just before 9 a.m.
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            Rest In Peace Brothers. May the Lord embrace and watch over you and your families forever. God Bless.

            From antoher EMT, To everyone who puts their life on the line everyday,God Bless, Take Care and Stay Safe.
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              The thoughts, prayers and condolences of myself and Lewiston Fire Company No. 2 are with the New Bremen FD, the friends and families of The Firefighters. May you rest in peace brothers.
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                My thoughts and prayers go out to all our brothers an sisters in New Bremen FD.
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                  God Bless our brothers

                  Our prayers are with our fallen brothers, their families, loved ones, and our brothers in western Ohio. God Bless them and grant his peace to their loved ones.
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                    You'll never be forgotten nor your families alone.


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                      Condolences to the New Breman FD.........
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                        Kenneth Jutte had been a firefighter for 18 years. He was pronounced dead at 9:40 a.m., less than an hour after the explosion. John Garman, a 10-year veteran, died two hours later at St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima, the department said.

                        Rest in Peace My thought and prayers are with the Jutte and Garman families, their friends and the New Bremen Fire Department.
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                          Rest in peace brothers.


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                            Rest in peace Brothers.
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                              May our Brothers rest in peace and may their families and fellow firefighters from New Bremen FD find some comfort in this tragic time.

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