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    Boy a topic I really know about. I work at a station that is usally 3 man with a minimum of 2. We have an Engine and a ambulance. Now depending on the crew if we have a medic or not.

    If we have the example of MVA w/injuries: 1 FF/EMT, and FF/Medic roll the squad(ambulance to most) and the 3rd FF/EMT roll the engine and station 1 rolls depending on the call ie multi-car/multi-pt a squad or they roll the First responder car. Most of the departments except the city that are small Twp depts respond this way. When St2 doesn't have a Medic the Medic from St 1 rolls in the response car.

    I mean it works...would love more people but thats how it is.
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      There are a couple of things I dont not like about this concept, there are 2 paid departments in the county that do do this.
      What I dont like:
      It gives the public a false sense of security, I mean ya there are Ft FF's ....a whole 3 of them. So how long is service when the next call comes in ? Also how effective are the 3 people showing up ?

      One department does have back up vollies but they are only sent on major incidents.They only roll the medic unit with three people on any MVA unless it is a rollover or extrication, then the leftovers go in the engine (2 people).

      The other just expanded to a second station so they are getting better, but it was always fun to hear how they were assigned a jump seat on the engine but riding the Medic unit for the day ? So I asked what do you do if you are out on an EMS run and a fire call comes in ? and there are 3 of you in the medic unit ? "Well we try and get to the hospital transfer the patient and race to the fire" .....WOW ! Around here most departments run an EMS duty crew from the varying hours of 7am-5 pm, doing EMS only. There is one small department I used to work at that the crew there did switch and take the most appropriate vehicle to whatever type of incident. When it was an MVA we took the medic unit first with the vollies running the rescue engine out to us.

      Pro's- always have one emergency vehicle going to a call, no matter what the type. Faster response to the incindent and if someone has command, they can get a grip on the scene and only call for the needed resources. Again saves wear and tear on vehicles , and liability of every rig running code 3.

      Con's- MINIMAL STAFFING..........if there are truly NO vollies avaialble during the day, you are asking for trouble as 2 or 3 people can only do so much, excpet say on a regular EMS run.Got a bad incident and there is no one to bring you another piece of apparatus due to no one there, not qualified to drive, etc.

      These are my thoughts on this for now ...........hope it helps.
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        I don't really like the concept of it (for my department). In theory it is good...... you roll the rig for whichever type of call comes in. It may work great for some people. I know it wouldn't work for us.

        We are a POC dept. that has 2 part-time personnel working Weekdays 0800-1700 and are backed by the POC staff and also a FT chief and have 2 stations. We are always running around the city doing fire inspections, going from station to station doing duties there, etc. If we stayed at 1 station and were there for the whole shift, it would probably work for us. Instead we utilize our new mini-pumper for the on duty crews. We have all of the ALS equipment with us to handle all EMS runs and we also respond for all fires. Usually we can get at least 1 person to bring the ambulance for EMS runs and we already have the mini-pumper to establish our water supply and pull our attack line so we can initiate the attack as soon as someone else gets there (which usually isn't too long). We have neighbors to the west who have 2 personnel in their ambulance plus their FT chief, and the neighbors to the east/south have 2 medics FT. Both departments have decent responses from their volunteers also, so if we have to call mutual aid, it's that big of a deal for us.

        The way we do it works great for us, but may not work for others. The important thing is just to find out what will work best for your department.

        Good Luck
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          Pro's of Single Pulling
          There are none. If you don't have adequate staffing for an engine and ambulance, you have to rely on mutual aid.
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            I must calrify. When I say "Mutual Aid" I am trying to keep it in terms some people outside my Jurisdiction can understand. It seems that in alot of places, "MA" means running out of your District or First Due area.

            In P.G, Mutual Aid is defined as "Leaving the County." When we run someone elses area inside the county, we are not running MA, we are running "Second Due."

            When it comes to calls requiring EMS services, there is no "Single Pulling." You are due with your Engine and your BLS unit (for those of us in P.G. that don't deprive our citizens of Basic EMS transport service)or just your BLS unit. Typically, only calls like Unconscious, Cardiac Arrest and MVA's get Engine/Squad Wagons on them.
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