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  • Help!!!!!!!

    Ok, In my state there is a rule that you have to write a reseach paper and pass it before you can graduate high school. Well this year we had to pick our topics and start to write our paper. Well I picked the topic of Technology updates in the fire service since 1980. Well the problem is I have to have 5 different sources. I am having a big problem finding 5 different sources of information for this paper. I was wondering if you guys/girls knew where I could get articles about updates in the fire service. If they are old that would work to so I could show the updates as they happen. If you find a article could you please post the link or email it to me at [email protected]

    I thank all of you in advance that will take time out and help me.

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    If you contact (I would suggest phoning) the Learning Resource Center at the National Fire Academy, and give them some specific search requests, they'll send you copies of magazine articles, other papers that may be available, and a list of some suggested books on your particular topics. Even though your local library may not have them, they may be available through the interlibrary loan system through your library from USFA.

    If nothing else, this is a place to start. If I find anything else, I'll forward it to you. Good luck
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      The Engineering Laboratory promotes U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness by advancing measurement science, standards, and technology for engineered systems in ways that enhance economic security and improve quality of life.

      This is the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building Fire and Research Laboratory, Fire Research Information Service. It's free. It is the only source you will need to find a bajillion articles on every aspect of the fire service. You won't always be able to download them, but you can get the source information and get them through inter-library loan.

      I can also vouch that the people at the NFA LRC are top notch. They will also be able to help you.

      Good luck.


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        Additionally, there is a book by ICMA (International City Managers Association) titled "Managing Fire Services." It deals with fire service in general from the beginning until it's latest revision. It was used in my college class when I took Officer III. It is very dry, but it will certainly give you some comparison. I am not sure who the publisher is, but I am certain someone on here knows who it is and where to get it.

        Actually, if you visit you local fire station, (call for an appointment and meet with the Chief)I am sure that they have it and I am sure they will let you borrow it. That would be your quickest way to get it. Additionally, that will give you another source (The Fire Chief)to use in your research. In fact, it will most likely be a good source because it is "first hand experience."

        GoodLuck...in fact....when you finish it, I would like to read it... send it to me in my EMAIL.
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          If you would like to include an advance in wildland fire technology, information/contacts/phone/addresses are available at the following sites.


          Storm King Mountain Technologies

          The Missoula Technology and Development Center


          Barricade Fire Gel

          Good luck! Keep us posted.
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            Rely on UL’s global safety science leadership to help solve your building construction and engineering safety, quality assurance and compliance challenges.
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              I am in CA, so here are somethings we have had to deal with. I hope it helps.

              Electric vehicle exrtication

              New building construction- Prefabricated, lightweight building materials.

              Nerve agents and bio terrorism

              Paramedic and als equipment- we use the 12 lead defibrillators

              Firefighting foam

              synthetic hose

              on board computers for dispatching

              auto extrication tools

              Hope some of these help!


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                Hey... you've checked at the library and your firehouse, right?


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