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Fit Testing and the new HUD

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  • Fit Testing and the new HUD

    I was told that SCBA fit testing is required by OSHA. Also, (I don't know when) but facemasks are now required to have a heads up display in the mask displaying the amount of air left.

    What are volunteer fire departments suppose to do that can not afford the HUD masks? In regards to fit testing, I know a number of departments that do not do this. So do they technically not allowed to function as a fire dept.?

    I'm not clear with all this so whoever can clear it up I'd appreciate it.

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    Our latest packs have the "Heads Up Display" -- but it's on the regulator, not the mask itself. (Scott...so regulator fits into the mask).

    In regards to fit testing, I know a number of departments that do not do this. So do they technically not allowed to function as a fire dept.?

    Laws are Laws and Regulations are regulations. Most of us speed everyday, but that doesn't mean we aren't allowed to drive. We do pay fines if caught sometimes, and if someone gets injured/killed and our speeding contributed that's gonna be a significant factor in finding fault and assessing blame.
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      Heads up display only came into place with the 2002 edition of NFPA 1981. Your existing packs DO NOT have to be upgraded. If your Province or state has adopted NFPA as a standard then all new packs you purchase must conform to the latest standard to be compliant. As for what happens if your not compliant , i guess something will happen when **** hits the fan and you are investigated.. Remember that these regulations are put into place to IMPROVE your safety...How can you put a price on that. just my 2 cents worth.


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        Thankfully I am now with a dept. that has the funds to keep up to standard. However, the last dept. I was with was volunteer and they simply do not have the funds to meet all the requirements. You're right in that one can't put a price on safety, but if the funds aren't there you simply can't keep to standard.

        I appreciate the clarification in regards to the HUD mask.


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          I may be wrong, but in regards to the nfpa requirements, I thought as long as you met the requirements when you purchased the equipment, you should be ok. Granted, it may not be up to the current standard and you may have to justify that if someone is hurt, but if your packs were compliant when you bought them, that should suffice.


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            Dal's point about the Scott mask is a good one. Scott and Survivair put the HUD on the regulator, not in the mask so if you provide individual masks to your personnel, you shouldn't see a big cost increase with those models.


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              Rules, Rules..........

              Unless a Jurisdiction chooses to take action to do so, NFPA Standards ARE NOT laws. In many legal actions (lawsuits) the NFPA standard is used as an exampe to show what a "reasonable and prudent" person or organization would do in a specific instance. There have been instances where someone did not follow a NFPA standard, was sued, and the suit was unsuccessful, presumably because they proved that they did the best they could with what they had. Remember who runs the NFPA, people who make a profit from selling something. In my opinion, The NFPA, and any other organization, including OSHA, should be barred from making any standard or rule UNLESS THEY FULLY FUND THE COST OF COMPLIANCE. One example of NFPA's wrong headed standards making is the electrical load shedding device that is required on all apparatus. This device turns off some of the warning lights when the parking brake is set. The Maryland Fire Chiefs Association lead a successfull effort that resulted in a law that banned the use of this device on apparatus in Maryland. The reasoning was that the driver is responsible for the safety of his apparatus, and only the driver or officer should have control over what lights are on or off at all times. Works for us. Stay Safe....
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                This device turns off some of the warning lights when the parking brake is set.
                Woodsy, you got's too many lights on them thar rigs. Never in my years have any of our rigs had a light shutdown due to this device.
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                  Seeing as you're from Minnesota, which is an OSHA state, fit testing is mandatory, along with the rest of 1910.134.

                  If you are talking about departments outside of Minn. I would first check and see if they are an OSHA state.

                  Go to this site and also check Appendix A to the regulation.

                  As for the HUD, the NFPA 1981 standard is for SCBA manufactured under the 2002 standard, not existing units. As stated above, NFPA standards are not laws, OSHA standards are law in OSHA states. You will read, however, many references to NFPA under OSHA laws.

                  For example: "An employer who demonstrates compliance with the exit route provisions of NFPA 101-2000, the Life Safety Code, will be deemed to be in compliance with the corresponding requirements..."


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                    When is the last time you bought an apparatus ? Our 1998 Frieghtliner has this on it. It has to do with the warning zones I supect, as no white light can be showing when the parking brake is set along with something else...that I cant recall.
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                      2001 Pierce. Also have load managers (same idea - but maybe different) on our ambulances...2000, 1998, 1994.

                      Then again, the only white lights we have are flood lights and head lights. Rest are red, blue, amber, and a couple green.
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                        I believe that is why yours don't shut down is because you do not utilize white emergency lighting.

                        Our 98 ambulance, 01 Engine and 03 Mini-pumper all shut off the white emergency lighting when the parking brake is engaged.
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                          There two different items here, one is the NFPA 1901 as to shutting down certain warning lights when the parking brake is set (ie: white lights) and then there is the load shedding device what this does is it monitors the voltage and when it starts to get low it shuts-off equipment starting with the A/C and so on the warning lights are the last item it will touch and if it does then something is wrong with the trucks electrical system.
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