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  • New Hall Grand Opening

    As I mentioned before our Department moved into our new hall in July. Held our Grand Opening and ribbon cutting on Sat. Sept 13. Over 300 people attended.

    A cool windy morning probably kept numbers down.

    But here's why I am posting. During the opening, the man who oversaw the project for the councils asked for time on the programme. He took the time allotted to (get ready) present a donation cheque to our F.D. for the entire amount he was paid to oversee the project. Said he was proud to have been associated with us in the past (member 61-85, Chief 65-85), and he would have done the job for nothing, so since the councils decided to pay him, he decided to donate it all back to the F.D.for equipment purchase. This project took 16 months from start to finish and he was involved from the time councils said to start drawing plans until the finish. Drew the final concept plans for the tender and was the only person authorized to communicate changes to the contracter. $5000. was probably not enough for all the work he did, but it was sure a great shot in the arm for us.

    So I am just on here to crow a little and express our gratitude.

    On the down side, we sent out invitations to every former member of our department (about 60) that we could find to invite them to a Pickeral Fry and celebration of the new building. 3 showed up.

    Back to the bright side we had about 2 lbs of fresh pickerel fillets for each person attending, so no one went short.
    This is of course only my humble opinion, but then again, its likely the only one that matters.

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    Awwwwwwwww what a wonderful gesture on the part of the gentleman who gave the money back. Kinda warms your heart to know that there are still people out there who are not just in it for themselves. Congrats on the new hall DFCSmash.
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      got pics ?????????? website ?????????
      IACOJ both divisions and PROUD OF IT !
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        Thanks for the congrats. We're damn proud. Just about fell over when he presented that cheque. As built $500,000. I'll try to scan some pics. Posted some back in July, but they weren't too good (crappy camera). We are working on our website and hope to have it up in the next month or so.

        Fort Garry Fire trucks and Superior both sent out new pumpers for us to check out and to show to the councillors. Planning for a new truck in 2005 now that we have a hall to put it in.

        The old hall was 23' wide, 55' long equipment floor holding 2 pumpers and a rescue van as well as turnout for 20 firefighters. Can you say squeeze?

        New hall is 72 x 100 with 50 x 80 equipment floor 17 foot ceilings and 2200 sq ft mezzanine. Way too big, need more probies to sweep
        This is of course only my humble opinion, but then again, its likely the only one that matters.


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          Congrats on the new hall
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