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In the thick of it: Isabel making a mess....

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  • In the thick of it: Isabel making a mess....

    I have a question for members who respond in areas that are prone to this type of storm. Watching the weather reports, I see emergency services responding for persons trapped in the midst of this hurricane. One in particular that infuriated me involved, I believe, Kitty Hawk NC. The news team was following KHFD personnel who were dispatched for a couple trapped in a collapsing home. When they got there, no one was there. The reporter asked, "At what point is it too dangerous to respond?" And the firefighter answered, "Probably right about now."

    Here were these firefighters out in 90+ MPH winds, torrential rains, and a growing storm surge. And the people in this area had been urged to evacuate. Those that choose to stay then expect emergency services to respond when the power goes out.

    My question, then, is at what point to you simply say, It's too dangerous for us to respond; we'll be there when the weather breaks?
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    This was sent to me this morning. This is Isabel.
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      no matter wat.. we respond to anything that endangers life... service calls and stuff will wait
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        Jay brings up a good point here. We are always taught, actually have it DRILLED into our heads that SCENE SAFETY is your number one priority, you do not enter a scene that is deemed unsafe. The safety of you and your fellow ff'scomes FIRST, if it doesn't and you get injured or killed, then now we not only have the original pt's but you've become one in addition to those of the original call. Would this not fall under this guideline; or are there special protocols for circumstances such as these?
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          Couple of Things.......

          First, The photo (above) is a fabrication of some kind, note that the sea is very calm, but the storm seems about to hit. Hurricanes send swells out hundreds of miles in all directions. Also, the ship is headed towards the storm, not away, real life would have that Captain running hard at a right angle to the storm track. Drkblram, jump in here with your take on this. Second, we find ourselves rescuing idiots 365 days a year, not just at the peak of the storm. As I have told people, "A lack of planning and direction on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part". People continue to get themselves into DooDoo, we'll keep getting them out (like the guy this morning who was running a generator IN his garage WITH THE DOOR SHUT). Every day, the old saying "All bulbs do not shine with equal brightness" is proven. Again. Stay Safe....
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            I agree 100 % with all of you.. I know last nite we were dispatched for mostly everything.. except we were told we not take wire calls unless they were burning or we endangering humans.. we responded to bells, fire alarms, crashes etc. im sure alot of things we didnt need to go out for...
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              We were in the middle of a bunch of Hurricanes (NC Coast) and we have a standing policy in our county (Pamlico) that all response stops at 50 mph.

              BTW--the photo above is a total joke--Hurricanes look nothing like "big tornadoes".

              Here's picture of the storm at 80mph


              (Note my broken fence )

              Here's one where some of the trees near my house had the tops and branches ripped off--


              Here's a view shortly beoore the eye passed over--


              Storm did 50 million in damage to my county--me I lost a fence so I'm lucky. My father in law does not have a house.
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                Around here our SOP's take the Towers and Rescues off the road at 50mph sustained winds, while the Engines come off at 60mph sustained. If anything happens while thats going on, life safety issure or not, according to SOP's we stay put.
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                  The biggest problem with limiting your resonse due to weather is that you MUST have the support/backing of your administration. I remember having to FIGHT FIRE in a hurricane...to no real success, becasue the wind was stronger than the fire stream. Luckily, no significant injuries. However, the Chief felt it was important for the fire department to respond and "do our job".

                  Hopefully we've learned from this and will be willing to "just say no" nest time.
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