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    About all I can add

    ...is that there are some models out there with a side-curtain bag in the A-post of the vehicle. Kinda makes you think twice about where you're gonna cut it when you take the roof off.
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      Hopefully if the impact of the vehicle is great enough for it to be cut, the curtain airbags would of gone off already.
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        That NBC special was something too... I think I know one of those guys on that Dayton engine...

        We were always told that if the car still had a roof to tear away the plastic on all the posts just to look, then cut. The other air bags we deal with by having the medic behind the seat and keeping guys clear of those front deploying airbags.

        Dear God I hate airbags... scary things too


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          Re: Re: Air Bags

          Originally posted by dragonfyre

          I've been teaching a class on air bags since 1991, get all my info from the manufacturers and have never heard of anything like that. [/B]
          dragonfyre, were can a volly dept get training info on airbags? looks like it is something we need to keep renewing our training on.


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            Re: Re: Re: Air Bags

            Originally posted by enginehouse2

            dragonfyre, were can a volly dept get training info on airbags? looks like it is something we need to keep renewing our training on.
            If you are in Southern New England, I know a company that does Air Bag training. We have them coming out on the 16th for our drill.
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              Originally posted by simfirdept
              We have a chrysler mechanic on our volunteer department and he has said the airbags can be activated from 30-40 mins after impact. The more and more airbags present in these vehicles the more dangerous our job becomes.
              Its not minues...it's seconds.

              Some older model luxury cars have capacitors with longer timeframes..Jaguars comes to mind.

              The airbag can deploy as long as the vehicle's electrical capacitors hold their charge. Most hold a charge for 30 to 40 seconds, some a lot less.

              Holmatro's Vehicle Guide for Emergency Responders is an excellent resource. It lists the location of the airbags, seat belt pretensioners, batteries and the capacitor charge times. Holmatro updates the information each year as new car models and improvements in supplemental restraint systems are introduced.
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                It all depends on where you are. I'm in SE PA and can travel a bit but not real far. Some of the old GM Training Centers were offering a version of my class (which they stole) but most of the centers are closed now.

                You might want to check with a local GM dealer service manager to see if they know of anything available. GM has some information that the dealer can download for you on air bag safety for the technicians. (*)

                You can also check with the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety. They have 2 great videos and many brochures that are free for the asking. There's also the Airbag Institute on-line.

                (*) The information from the factory is where the 30-40 minute rule comes from that "simfirdept" refered to. It's simply CYA from the factory so that the techs don't get hurt like the one in Minnesota.
                Captain Gonzo is correct, it's really seconds not minutes. While researching for the class I found that air bags need 5 volts or more to operate. Cars operate on 12 volts and it really takes around a minute to drop from 12 to 5 volts in most cars.

                It's still a good idea to disconnect the battery (if you can find it) and do your 360, stabilize the vehicle, etc while waiting for the capacitors to drain. Keep all tools away from the deployment path of any air bag and also check for side air bags or curtains before you start cutting any posts.

                If you're uncertain about side curtains, do a trench cut in the roof and lift the patient straight up. It's better than having one of your people become a patient also, like in Dayton.

                If you're close to me, let me know & I'll be glad to set up a class in your station.
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                  We were taught to cut the battery cables and then wait at least 2 minutes for the power to run out on the backup charge. You can do your walkaround, stabilize the vehicle, and have a member hold inline stabilization from outside the airbag hazard zone. If an airbag is already deployed, I was under the impression that it is now "safe." The problem is that if the steering wheel airbag deploys and the side curtain or side impact airbag does not and you put your body in the way of that potential explosion.

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                    Remember the 5-10-20 rule peoples!!!


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