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So.. who's workin tomorrow (9/11)

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  • So.. who's workin tomorrow (9/11)

    I know I am, hopefully it'll be a quiet day, but last year it wasn't..

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    Me too, ffspook. Even if it's quiet, I have feeling that it's gonna be a long shift.
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      Tomorrow is my first duty tour for the week's rotation.

      It's the second anniversary of 9-11.

      One of the firefighters on my group is returning to the FD after spending 7 months on active duty assigned to the Al Dhafra Air Force Base FD in the United Arab Emirates in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

      It's also our first tour of duty with the new LDH and air packs in service. I hope it will be quiet....
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        I don't go back on shift until Friday...

        But I will be working my consulting job tomorrow and will be visiting fire stations. I have to size one department for gear tomorrow.

        My girlfriend (a firefighter too) and I plan on meeting for breakfast in the morning and we will stop what ever it is we are doing at 8:45 and reflect back and pay tribute to our fallen brothers. Then our day will continue until I meet her for a ceremony in the city where she works later in the evening.

        I hope it is quiet for all those on duty tomorrow also. It may just be me but I have an erie feeling about tomorrow... But then again, I had it last year.
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          Im working tomorrow the same has I was 2 years ago and my parents are on a trip the same as they were two years ago. Strange very strange
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            off .............I will certianly remember the time when my friend callled and told me to watch the news............God rest the the 343!
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              I wish I had put in to do a ride along for tomorrow, could go to the memorial service at central. Anyway I'm riding next Thursday. God Bless F.D.N.Y. 343, N.Y.P.D. 23, P.A.P.D. 37.
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                I'm working tomorrow. Speaking of which, I should probobly get to sleep...


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                  I am driving the funeral truck for a retired chief that passed away. Chief Jesse Kennedy had 54 years on the job!! He died day before yesterday and we are burying him tomorrow... on 9-11.

                  His wife was worried about what people or other firefighters may think about that... we told her not to worry... he was being buried with good company The "boys" of FDNY would understand upstairs.

                  He was friends with a lot of "old school" fellas from FDNY. We were looking through his scrap books and finding photo's that you would not believe!

                  Here is to you Chief Kennedy... God Bless you sir!

                  For more information on the funeral click here

                  Photo's will be posted as soon as possible.
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                    I am also on Duty today. Hopefully it will be quiet.
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                      I am working, corporate America. At least we had a moment of silence at 8:46 and the flag is at half-mast, I don't know how it went because my shift started at 9:30. I had my moment of silence with the radio station as I drove on the Parkway. My friend works at major international company here on LI and they don't even have their flag at 1/2.....

                      I noticed someone mentioned remembering the FDNY, NYPD and PA -- don't forget the reason they all went there -- the thousands of workers that died and were rescued. I sometimes think they get "forgotten". My cousin's wife lost her sister, so it's a constant reminder for me.

                      Hope it's a quiet day for those of you who are working.
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                        I am on duty. Quite so far...
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                          Well how was everyone's tour yesterday?

                          Ours was really quiet all day, we were invited to a church mass for remembrance, during which we took an auto accident. Didnt do anything else until about 1800 or so, when we started running our butts off for awhile..

                          All and all a decent day, compared to my previous two shifts involving a fatal child struck accident, 2 doa's, and a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head, yesterday was pretty good


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