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  • Your FD's 9-11 Ceremony

    I found out yesterday that our department is going extremely low key with a ceremony to mark the anniversary of 9-11. The ceremony will be very brief with only on-duty personnel involved. Why the small ceremony? "Lack of advanced planning," I was told.

    I feel bad because we, the firefighters, should have planned something for Thursday. Instead, we put our trust in administration to organization a remembrance as they did last year. ::Sigh::

    Just to gather ideas, what sort of ceremonies (if any) are you guys and gals having in your communities tomorrow? How involved will it be? Who will be included?

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    First of all, a BIG salute to Chief Goldfedder for his commentary on this subject: http://cms.firehouse.com/content/art...Id=41&id=18583

    We are planning a short ceremony at 7 PM in front of our station. We also included our Police Dept. as well as our neighboring auto-aid dept. and the public is welcome:

    7:00 PM - Honor Guard takes position at base of flag.

    Other Uniformed personnel assemble in front of station facing flag.

    Call to attention by Honor Guard Commander

    Flag raising

    Welcome and introduction by Twp. Trustee

    Invocation by Dept. Chaplain

    Moment of silence

    Explanation of FDNY 5-5-5-5 signal

    Ring 5-5-5-5 signal with bell – WTFD Honor Guard

    Firefighter’s Prayer Introduction by Twp. Trustee

    “Gone but Not Forgotten” read by FF

    Police Officer’s Prayer Introduction by Twp. Trustee

    “Fallen Officers Prayer” read by Police Officer

    Amazing Grace on bagpipes

    Closing Remarks by Twp. Trustee

    Dismissal by WTFD Honor Guard Commander


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      Chief Goldfeder THANK YOU...
      NEVER FORGET 9-11-01
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        Originally posted by WTFD10
        First of all, a BIG salute to Chief Goldfedder for his commentary on this subject: http://cms.firehouse.com/content/art...Id=41&id=18583

        Were having a parade in Loveland tomorrow, I live about 15 miles away from Loveland, were going there for a parade around 6pm or somewhere around there. Maybe I will even get to meet Chief Goldfedder. He has done wonders with the area I have heard.

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        Lets not forget those lost on 9-11-01


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          September 11th should be declared now and forever a National Day of Rememberance. We wont forget. We cant forget. WE AS A FIRE SERVICE FAMILY, should NEVER forget the mixture of anger, horror, pain and heartache. We should never forget the sadness, but also the utter sense of admiration for our Brothers who didnt ask why, but just did what they had to do. Monuments are fine. But a lasting tribute would be if each of us, all members of the same,extended, sprawled all over the world, dysfunctional but a FAMILY nonetheless, did something meaningful EVERY day to honor the memories of our heroes. It dosent have to be fancy, but do SOMETHING....In your family life, your community life and your Fire service life... I will be saying a prayer for all of those families who lost so much on 9-11-01..I am also praying for our Brothers and sisters of the FDNY who have showed the world so much dignity, grace and outrage (when it is necessary). GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU and GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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            Bologna - Italy

            Here (Italy) we have a short ceremony - a minute of silence and some words - in our fire departments, and a mass being celebrated in all main departments.
            In all our cities have many civil and religious events: in Bologna have public ceremony in the church of S.Pietro , with the mayor, city authorities and a representative of our fire departments. Other ceremonies in the city (Johns Hopkins University), and also in the day a lot of meeting, about peace, poetry, music, films, and a main concerto tonight.

            We remember, too, and are with you all.
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              We heard through the "grapevine" that the Police Department was planning a tribute for the Community on the night of the 11th.
              We expected to hear from them about what part the FD would play and what we needed to provide and do.
              Guess what. The PD failed to include the VFD in the tribute. GO FIGURE!
              So... we'll do our own thing. I personally have 9/11/01 stickers and memorials on my turnout rack at home and at work. My helmets have 9/11/01 stuff on them. I make it known everyday that I have the FDNY on my mind. I stand tall when I tell people that "those are my brothers that died that day!".

              It doesn't have to be a big huge thing for everyone to see. It is about each and every one of us and how we remember the sacrifice made that day.



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                All personnel will be attending a memorial, none duty will be in Class A. We will begin with a prayer and then a 5-5-5-5 of the bell. Much more but I am not for sure of what else is planned.
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                  We had the apparatus and personnel from the 2 substations come to Central. At 10:00, we did signal 5-5-5-5 on the bell, lowered the flag to half mast, said the firefighters prayer, then did signal 5-5-5-5 again, and raised the flag to full staff.

                  It was low key, yet it had an impact.
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                    Why would you have to "plan" anything? Why would you lament that "administration" let you down?
                    The events of 9/11 should be in your heart and mind forever. YOU should choose how YOU remember it.
                    I have worn a 9/11 bracelet since shortly after the tragic event with the name of Lt. Anthony Jovic-FDNY Battalion 47. I remember that he was 39 years old at the time and left behind 2 children and a wife. I didn't have to go back and look it up. I remember it!
                    I will look at the embroidered patches commemorating Ground Zero on the wall that were given to me by FDNY firefighters. I will NOT watch anything that will play over and over again, the events of 9/11.
                    I will quietly commemorate the events in the solitude of my mind and thank God for firefighters everywhere and wish them safe harbor in the execution of their duties.
                    Nothing big. Simple and solemn. Fitting.
                    Everyone please take a moment today and look towards New York. Fill your hearts with compassion for those who lost their lives and for the loved ones that they left behind.
                    Never forget.
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