I was visiting my Mother last night and I had an idea. when I explained it to my mom she said "Every idea is a good idea, an idea never acted upon is a waste of time." so I replied I guess I wasted 10 seconds of your life. she smiled at me and I left to go home. At my house I again was reading the newspaper in Chicago about the last firefighter being put to rest and I began to ponder my idea. (the moment you have all been waiting for the actual idea) In the years to come they will be rebuilding the 2 towers. IM not really sure at all what it is going to look like etc etc. but I was thinking they should have the whole first floor of one of the building commemorating everyone not only the 343 firefighters but the persons on the flights the persons in the buildings the by standards police heck even the mayor. it should be left open 24 hours a day with security all day and night it may be expensive but if the fed GOV taxed us for it I would pay it with a smile. because I have shard this idea I don’t believe it is a waste of time anymore.. can anything be done to make it a reality?? I dunno thats why IM posting this to see what you all have to say... if you take the time to read this post even if you don’t have the time to write out what you think... give me a yes or no thats all IM looking for.. Thanks Brandon