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  • Volunteer Departments Retention Programs

    Working on retention program with our Volunteer Department. Looking for input from other vol depts on what programs they use ie. local property tax break, special vehicle registration, pensions etc. Really like to hear what other volunteer departments have.


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    Quite frankly, not much. Those who love it stay, those who don't make room for more who do.

    We have a retirement program paid into by the department, 20 years service will get you about $230 a month in todays dollars. Other than that a few free station t-shirts a year and a jacket for everyone is about it.

    Heck, we have the greatest benifit of all, we get to fight fire!


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      We do not have anything in place as of yet, but we are working on a few items. One is to pay individuals after 5-10-15-20 years of service. The Monetary amount has not quite been decided, but it ranges from 750 for 5; 1000 for 10; 1500 for 15; and 2000 for 20. We are also putting in place a one time fixed amount for parents to help them with their childrens college funds. Amounts to 500.00 for each child that attends college or tech school.

      Other avenues discussed were paying members that respond to EMS calls 10.00 per call, but the money must be used for equipment purchases for that individual, and they are paid that amount quarterly, and all receipts are turned into the finance department for review.

      We do have an appreciation dinner with awards, free shirts and jacket, along with uniforms. We also have picnics for the family, and parties at the station for the whole family and then just for the adult members.

      Other than that, I agree. We still get to ride the woo-woo.

      STILL STANDIND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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        not much

        All members get $500.00 per year "clothing & gas reimbersment"
        wich comes at our Steak dinner the first week in December.
        All the fire you can fight for free All the sleep you can miss
        no extra charge. Half off all your Thanksgiving Dinners (I dont
        know how the pager always knows when its time to eat) and
        Get out of Dinner at in-laws free card. some rewards are
        better than cash


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          Here in Downtown Maryland........

          We use a number of things to help retain good people, and we are lucky that we are free of some things that contribute to turnover in Volunteer organizations elsewhere. One of our main retention tools is the Length of Service Award Program, or, as we call it, LOSAP. This is a type of Retirement program that starts at $250.00/Month for 25 years service and becomes payable at the age of 60. All funding is paid in by the County government, there are no individual contributions. Minor variations exist in these programs since each County operates one, independent of anyone else. Another plus is that we only deal with the County Government, - Cities, Towns, Villages, other entities have no say in Fire/Rescue matters. I can't stress how much better a county system is, since there is one person to deal with at the county level, as opposed to trying to do something constructive while dealing with several mayors, council members, and the like. Stay Safe....
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            We have an annual dinner each year. That's about it. We are starting a LOSAP program this year also. No one is against it, but no one is really expecting it to help keep members either, it's hard to say here's this program that will really help you in 20 years and expect someone to say, Gee that makes it worth volunteering all that time.
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