It has been almost two years since 343 of our brothers awnserd their final alarm...our brothers left the house, their homes and families to do the job, in the face of odds never befor encounterd in the history of the modern fire service. A lot of fingers have been pointed, a lot on names named, but, in the end...343 of our nations bravest paid the supreme sacrifice. Let's take a minute from our lives and remember the brothers, with our prayers, our tears and our resolve. You know, as i sat watching the events of the mass murder in new york un fold on my TV set, i was washed away in a warm sense that no matter how long, or to what level we as a nation were going to, too make the ones who took our brothers pay. I knew we would be O.K. How did i know this? As i watched and cried with the rest of the nation, i saw the final victory in the eyes of those people working at ground zero. In the eyes of the countless members of FDNY, NYPD, PAPD, the SAR teams from around the globe, the iron workers, the red cross the citizens of this great nation who awnserd the call for help and came in with the willingness that no one was left behind, so lets take a minute too remember the members of the brotherhood who have awnserd the supreme call, and fill the houses they left behind with love and hope and carring.