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Fdny too white too male??

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  • Fdny too white too male??

    FDNY too white too male? Who are these people to state what the racial or gender makeup of the fire department should be? If more minorities applied, then more minorities would be accepted, it's as simple as that. There was even a statement that the test relied too much on physical strength!!!

    It doesn't matter to me what the person dragging me or my family out of the building looks like as long as they can do the God d--n job!! God reporters SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! This make anybody else as mad as I?
    "An aggressive interior attack does not mean just going inside to put out a fire. THAT'S just doing our job...."
    IAFF Local 55

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    It only takes a casual read to find that the individual who wrote this little piece didn't properly research the subject. They drew on many misconceptions about how the process works and who administers it.

    FACT= You can't make anyone apply for a job they don't want.

    FACT= This job is physically demanding and any applicants shall meet OUR standards. Lives after all do hang in the balance.

    FACT= The CPAT has been cerified as an acurate test of physcial job requirements for firefighters. Not as the article claims "Women are graded against an abstract standard established years ago"

    As if firefighting is any less physically demanding today than 6 years ago when the IAFF/ICHIEFS Heath and Fitness Initiative formed. And as everone who bothers to look into it or take it...the CPAT is far from abstract.

    The writer never supports the claim that the blacks and females are "constantly discouraged". Funny that huge recruiting campaign in subways, high schools and all over the city, especaily in miniority communities doesn't seem like discouragement. You would have had to have been blind not to see the billboards. (Although this Mutt would probably make a case for too few blind persons in the FDNY)

    The FDNY Fitness Unit provides a class at NYSC that women can take that helps prepare them for the physical, months in advance. They receive advice on proper training and diet. Most Cities I know do not do this to the extent FDNY does. Far from the claim of being "hostile to women's entry".

    Although if you equate not lowering standards so as to allow fat-FU**s on the job then sure I guess that could be considered hostile as any attempt to do so threatens the lives of the members of the Dept and citizens at large...it seems no Chief wants to live with that as his legacy...hmm I wonder why.

    I'm sure that there are plenty of qualified Women and Minorities who would do just fine...however it seems they haven't taken the exam because they do not like the pay, hours, risk of injury and death or whatever.

    You take the test, you pass the test, you get hired...it is that simple, no BS. PERIOD.

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      VERY well stated...

      (also a FOOLS member)
      "An aggressive interior attack does not mean just going inside to put out a fire. THAT'S just doing our job...."
      IAFF Local 55


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        I agree

        This ticked me off when I read it as well. It makes the FDNY look bad to the general public that read this BS article, because after all, the newspapers only publish the truth right .


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            While the New York Post may not have all the facts correct, some of the responses in the post amount to blind faith in the hiring practices of FDNY. If FDNY uses the CPAT test (which was validated by multiple cities around the nation), why can women still not pass it? I live in Austin, TX (a city that participated in the validation of the CPAT) and we have a large number of female FF's. One has to admit that 0.0025% (the percentage of femal FF's) is an incredibly small number. Despite the supposed difficulties of the CPAT for females, what would be the defenders of FDNY's repsonse to the lack of minority members. Surely, it is not only white men who are willing to perform a dangerous job, be away from their families, and have financial difficulties because of low pay. Let's look at this article from the point of policymakers, for they are the ones who discourage female and minority FF's. One can hardly blame the frontline responders. Pony up with responses, I'm interested to discuss this.


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              This is kind of off-topic, but the Toronto Star published a front page story that the Toronto Blue Jays discriminated because there are no Asians on the team and more Whites than any other team.


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                I'll further clarify some of the issues at hand.

                I'm not sure if the blind faith comment is directed towards me...but since I have gone through the process begining to end I have a pretty good idea how it works and what is involved.

                -I can't tell you why women in Austin have been hired and in NY they are not. I imagine your system is completely different than ours.

                The test is administered by the Dept of City Wide Adminstrative Services (DCAS). It has no ties to the FDNY and our Civil Service Exam system is designed to hire on the merit system. There is NO interview or FD input. You score high on the written and pass the CPAT you will get hired as you number comes up...provided you pass the background exam...which isn't hard. It is that simple. Women are not passed over, Minorities are not passed over. They are hired when their number comes up. Period

                After 9-11 and even before the dangers of being a member of the FDNY have been widely known, thanks to plenty of media coverage not only of 9-11 but everday fires.
                Just ask any group of kids in 5 Boros, "What do they want to be when they grow up?" and many tell us they want to be doctors, football players..etc. But not firefighters. When asked why they reply "they don't want to die." No recruitment campaign can work against that.

                I realize you wouldn't understand living in Austin TX. But the last exam had a profesional ad firm develop a campaign to hire more minorities and women. They had vans that would park in the middle of minoritiy communities and push the local residents into signing up for the test. They would go to High Schools and sign up 100s (17yr olds can take the test but not be appointed until 21) Hand bills were posted all over on buses and trains, streets...you name it. And what was the result...Although the list isn't completed it appears they have a lower percentage of women and minorities that took this test than the previous test in '99. and they spent way more money this time promoting it.

                The CPAT was not designed to have "women pass it" as you put it. It was developed to acurately reflect the duties, strength and endurance required to perfom the job of a firefighter. If women or men for that matter can't pass it...then too bad they need to work-out more or find a different job because not everyone was made to be a firefighter.

                Today it seems just wanting something is justification enough to make that person quaified for the job. I would like to be a pro-football player but alas my parents gave me genes that didn't provide me with the body for it. I don't expect the NFL to lower their standards so I can play. And I don't expect my FD to lower their standards just so some tubby fat-body can get on.

                Just passing the CPAT doesn't gauarntee a job for anyone. You must still past a medical exam which involves a stairmaster and monitoring of heart rate.

                Then once accepted for appointment one must still graduate from the academey. This past class lost 20 probies who couldn't hack it.

                Comparing the NYPD to the FD is unfair and not even close to being apples to apples. The PD accademy is a joke compared to the FDNY Probationary Firefighters School. Just ask and FDNY members who were former cops. Like the old saying goes: "If this job was easy, the cops would do it."

                And for the same money one could take any number of other city exams for jobs that pay roughly the same with alot less work...or in some cases more money.

                This might clear up some of the misconceptions you might have.

                The FD is not the place to try a social experiment...nothing short of physcical strenght and calm & collected thought will help extinguish a fire. Fire doesn't care is your dept is racially ballanced or what percentage of women you have. Diversity at the expense of intelligence and strength is nothing more than a Death Sentance for the Brothers and civilians who rely on qualifed applicants to take FF jobs.

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                  Well stated FFFred, I agree 100%.


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                    Hiring practices

                    Thanks for the reply so far. A couple of points. First of all, I could not agree with you more that a person should not be hired to fill a quota, they should be hired because they are the best-equipped to perform a specific job. I also agree that taking a test (and even passing it) does not guarantee a right to a position. Unfortunately, many in the world and in the current economic conditions have not realized this. If my department were to ever kowtow to hiring based on racial preferences, myself and the union would make a huge stink.

                    That all being said, I still think there is some valid criticism for FDNY (and other departments, unfortunately FDNY is the highest profile department around). Personally, what are your feelings on minority/women FF's. I'm sure that you don't mind them in the firehouse per se, but do you feel that your department is doing enough to recruit/retain them. If you feel that they do, I would be interested in learning what your department does. If you feel like there's room for improvement, what would you do as chief for a day? I know that my department has a nationwide recruiting machine that promotes our size, salary, and city. All in all, I think that my department is doing a good job of increasing women/minority FF's.


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                      RIGHT ON BUDDY!


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                        You say you are against quotas yet you agree with recruiting. What do you think this so-called "recruiting" is? Let's be realistic here. Where are these fire depts. doing their recruiting? In minority neighborhoods. Why? To fill a quota system whether they admit it or not. Why else would they only recruit in these places. You don't see alot of fire depts. going around recruiting in middle class white neighborhoods.

                        I work for a dept. that serves a population of over 500,000 and when we hire, the only advertisment is in the minority neighborhoods and black radio stations.

                        My point is if your going to recruit, recruit everywhere or don't do it. As someone said earlier, you can't force people to apply for this job. The bottom line is if you want the job, apply for it. If you are the best and most qualified to do the job, you get hired. Period.

                        Are job is unlike any other. Hiring someone because of the color of their skin or what they don't have between their legs can get somebody killed.


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                          TAKE THE TEST-PASS THE TEST-GET THE JOB

                          Firefighter Application/Appointment Process

                          All firefighters are appointed from a civil service list of eligibles, in list order, who have passed both a competitive multiple choice & physical fitness examination, as well as a medical, pyschological and background investigation. There are no exceptions to this process, regardless of prior firefighting experience.

                          Once every three years the Department offers the public an opportunity to file an application to take the firefighter examination. Applications are not made available to the public prior to the actual release of the Notification of Examination. The lists that are generated from the firefighter exams usually last 4 years. The actual time frame from filing, to taking the examination, to the creation of the list of passers from that examination could take one or more years, depending on the needs of the Department.

                          The last written firefighter examination was administered on December 14, 2002. The next written examination will not be offered until sometime in 2005. Click here for current list and appointment updates.

                          The Firefighter Physical test is currently being administered to those candidates from the Promotion to Firefighter Exam & Open-Competitive Firefighter Exam who passed the December 14th multiple-choice written test.

                          In order to be appointed, you must:

                          Pass both the written and physical exams and have your name placed on the Firefighter list;

                          Pass a medical exam and background investigation;

                          Be a minimum of 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen;

                          Have 30 college credits or 2 years of satisfactory military service (see FAQ);

                          Hold a motor vehicle driver's license valid in the State of New York;

                          Be a resident of the NYC or Nassau, Westchester, Suffolk, Orange, Rockland or Putnam Counties.
                          CFR-D Info: For those probationary firefighters who lack a CFR-D certification, the FDNY will provide on the job training, and upon receipt of the certification, payroll deductions for the cost of the training will commence.See the Notice of Examination for the details.

                          CFR-D Class Info: See Below

                          CFR-D COURSES

                          If you are interested in finding out about CFR-D courses, you may call:

                          REMSCO at (212) 870-2301 for courses within the five boroughs
                          (516) 542-0025 for courses Nassau
                          (631) 853-5800 for courses Suffolk
                          (845) 567-6740 for courses in Hudson Valley Region
                          (Rockland Country, Orange County,Westchester County)

                          NYS Department of Health EMT Program
                          Telephone: (914) 654-7111
                          For courses outside the five boroughs
                          ALL GAVE SOME BUT SOME GAVE ALL
                          NEVER FORGET 9-11-01
                          CAPT. Frank Callahan Ladder 35 *
                          LT. John Ginley Engine 40
                          FF. Bruce Gary Engine 40
                          FF. Jimmy Giberson Ladder 35
                          FF. Michael Otten Ladder 35 *
                          FF. Steve Mercado Engine 40 *
                          FF. Kevin Bracken Engine 40 *
                          FF. Vincent Morello Ladder 35
                          FF. Michael Roberts Ladder 35 *
                          FF. Michael Lynch Engine 40
                          FF. Michael Dauria Engine 40

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                            APPLICATIONS CENTER
                            18 WASHINGTON STREET
                            NEW YORK, NY 10004
                            N O T I C E O F E X A M I N A T I O N
                            ACCOMMODATIONS” sections.
                            WHAT THE JOB INVOLVES: Under supervision, Firefighters assist in the control and extinguishment of fires, in providing pre-hospital emergency medical care, and in the enforcement of laws, ordinances, rules and regulations regarding the prevention, control and extinguishment of fires, as well as perform Fire Safety
                            Education activities; perform inspections and related enforcement duties to assure compliance with provision of Fire Prevention Code and applicable section of Building Code, multiple Dwelling Code, Housing Maintenance Code, Labor Law and other laws, rules, regulations, within enforcement purviews of Fire Department; perform inspection of equipment and schedule as necessary the maintenance of various tools and equipment, including but not limited to S.C.B.A. power tools, company apparatus, and personal safety equipment; and perform related work. Some of the physical activities performed by Firefighters and environmental conditions experienced are:
                            wearing protective clothing, such as bunker suit, helmet, boots and breathing apparatus; crawling, crouching and standing, often for prolonged periods, while extinguishing fires; driving fire apparatus and other Department vehicles; climbing stairs, ladders and fire escapes; raising portable ladders; using forcible entry
                            tools, such as axes, sledge hammers, power saws and hydraulic tools; searching for victims in smoke-filled hostile environments; carrying or dragging victims from dangerous locations; connecting, stretching and operating hose lines; locating hidden fire by feel and smell; providing medical assistance to injured or ill
                            citizens; and providing control and mitigation of hazardous materials incidents while wearing chemical protective clothing.
                            (This is a brief description of what you might do in this position and does not include all the duties of thisposition.)
                            THE SALARY: The current minimum salary is $32,724 per annum. This rate is subject to change. In addition, employees will receive holiday pay and night differential.
                            HOW TO APPLY: There are two ways to apply for this exam:
                            1. Online at the DCAS Website: If you wish to apply online, browse to Online-Apps at
                            http://nyc.gov/applyforexams, and follow the on-screen application instructions for filling out any
                            required forms and electronically submitting your application. Fees for applications submitted
                            online are payable only with a valid credit card.
                            Exam. No. 2043 - Page 2
                            2. By mail: If you believe you meet the requirements in the “How to Qualify” section, refer to the
                            “Required Forms” section below for the form (s) that you must fill out. Return all completed form (s)
                            and the application fee to DCAS Applications Section, 1 Centre Street, 14th floor, New York, NY
                            10007. Fees for applications submitted by mail are payable only by money order to D.C.A.S.
                            Applications will not be accepted in person.
                            CFR-D REQUIREMENT: You will be required to possess Certified First Responder Certification with
                            Defibrillation (CFR-D) by the end of your probationary period. This certification must be maintained for the
                            duration of employment.
                            Note: If you do not possess a CFR-D at the time of appointment, you will be required to obtain CFR-D training
                            at your own expense, either at a training program of your own choosing or a training program provided by
                            FDNY. The training course provided by FDNY will cost $775, although that cost is subject to change based
                            upon the latest collective bargaining agreements regarding uniformed services salaries and the number of
                            training hours in effect at the time of training. Upon successful completion of FDNY’s CFR-D course and
                            receipt of your CFR-D certificate, payroll deductions will commence at a rate of $30 per pay period until the
                            total cost is recouped by FDNY.
                            HOW TO QUALIFY:
                            Education and Experience Requirements: By the date of appointment, you must have
                            (1) successfully completed 30 semester credits from an accredited college or university, or
                            (2) a four year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and have completed two years of
                            honorable full-time U.S. military service.
                            You may be given the test before we check your qualifications.
                            Driver License Requirement: By the time you are appointed to this position, you must have a motor vehicle
                            driver license valid in the State of New York. This license must be maintained for the duration of your
                            Medical and Psychological Requirements: Medical and psychological guidelines have been established for
                            the position of Firefighter. Candidates will be examined to determine whether they can perform the essential
                            functions of the position of Firefighter. Additionally, employees will be expected to continue to perform the
                            essential functions of the position of Firefighter throughout their careers, and may, therefore, be medically
                            tested periodically throughout their careers. Where appropriate, a reasonable accommodation will be provided
                            for a person with a disability to enable him or her to take these medical and psychological examinations, and/or
                            to perform the essential functions of the job.
                            Drug Screening Requirement: You must pass a drug screening in order to be appointed. Drug tests will also
                            be administered to all probationary Firefighters as part of the medical examination prior to the completion of
                            Residency Requirement: The New York Public Officers Law requires that any person employed as a
                            Firefighter in the Fire Department of New York be a resident of the City of New York or of Nassau,
                            Westchester, Suffolk, Orange, Rockland or Putnam Counties.
                            English Requirement: Candidates must be able to understand and be understood in English.
                            Proof of Identity: Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, you must be able to prove your
                            identity and your right to obtain employment in the United States prior to employment with the City of New
                            Citizenship Requirement: United States citizenship is required at the time of appointment.
                            Age Requirement: Pursuant to Section 54 of the New York Civil Service Law and Section 15-103 of the
                            Administrative Code, you must be at least 17½ years of age by the end of the application period and you must
                            not have reached your twenty-ninth birthday by the beginning of the application period to be eligible to take this
                            examination. However, you must have reached your twenty-first birthday to be eligible for appointment.
                            Exception to the Age Requirement: All persons who were engaged in military duty as defined in Section 243
                            of the New York State Military Law may deduct from their actual age the length of time spent in such military
                            duty provided the total deduction for military duty does not exceed six years.
                            Exam. No. 2043 - Page 3
                            Character and Background: Proof of good character and satisfactory background will be an absolute
                            prerequisite to appointment. In accordance with provisions of law, persons convicted of a felony or who have
                            received a dishonorable discharge from the Armed Forces are not eligible for appointment to this position.
                            REQUIRED FORM(S):
                            Application for Examination: Make sure that you follow all instructions included with your application form,
                            including payment of fee. Save a copy of the instructions for future reference.
                            THE TEST: There will be a written multiple-choice test, weight 50, and a physical test, weight 50. The pass
                            mark for the written test will be determined after an analysis of the test results.
                            The written test is designed to test the candidate’s ability to learn and to perform the work of a Firefighter.
                            It may include questions involving the understanding of written language and information, using language to
                            communicate information or ideas to other people, memorizing information, recognizing or identifying the
                            existence of problems, applying general rules to specific situations, applying prioritized rules to specific
                            situations, determining position or spatial orientation within a larger area, visualizing how objects or structures
                            might appear from different perspectives or after changes, finding a rule or concept which fits or describes
                            a situation, and other related areas.
                            The physical test will consist of a series of events designed to test the candidate’s capacity to perform the
                            physical aspects of a Firefighter’s job. A more detailed description of the physical test will be made available
                            at a later date. Candidates called to participate in the physical test will be required to pay an additional fee
                            prior to taking the physical test and will be notified of the method of payment prior to the physical test. Failure
                            to pay the additional application fee, in a timely manner, will result in disqualification from further participation
                            in the examination. The additional application fee for the physical test will be waived for a New York City
                            resident receiving public assistance who submits a clear photocopy of a current Benefit Card at the time of the
                            physical test.
                            Candidates must pass the written test to be summoned for the physical test. Medical evidence to allow
                            participation in the physical test may be required.
                            For candidates who pass both the written and physical tests, scores on the written and physical tests will be
                            converted to standard scores. The standard score on each test will then be multiplied by the weight of that test,
                            and these products will be added resulting in a combined weighted standardized score. Ranking of candidates
                            will be based on this combined weighted standardized score. This combined weighted standardized score will
                            then be transformed to scores between 70 and 100. Only those candidates who receive a score between 70 and
                            100 will be credited with Veterans’ credit, if applicable, and New York City Residency credit, if applicable.
                            New York City Residency Credit: Five points will be added to the final exam score of those candidates who
                            qualify for New York City Residency Credit. To be eligible for the residency credit, a candidate must achieve
                            a passing score on both the written test and the physical test, and must maintain a continuous period of residency
                            in New York City from March 1, 2003 through March 1, 2004. Candidates interested in seeking the residency
                            credit will be given an opportunity to request the credit at the written examination. Candidates who pass the
                            written test will also be provided with an opportunity to request the credit at the time of the physical test. In
                            any event, all requests for the residency credit must be received by the Department of Citywide Administrative
                            Services, Bureau of Examinations, 1 Centre Street, 14th floor, New York, NY 10007, in writing, prior to the
                            establishment of the list.
                            Eligibility for the residency credit will be investigated by the Fire Department of New York. Candidates will
                            be required to produce written verification of the candidate’s New York City residency from March 1, 2003
                            through March 1, 2004. The documents presented must represent the period of time for which you are
                            claiming City residency. Inability to produce the required verification of residence documents for the
                            continuous period of residency will result in the forfeiture of the New York City Residency Credit and an
                            adjustment in the final score. Documents that will be investigated to prove New York City residency will
                            include, but are not limited to, a copy of a lease or mortgage in the candidate’s name plus one of the following
                            (also in the candidate’s name): telephone bills; gas, electric or water utility bills; checking or savings account
                            statements; cable TV bills; or credit card statements. The Fire Department of New York reserves the right
                            to accept other documents, in lieu of the above, under special circumstances which validate various living
                            arrangements, such as residing with parents, etc., as determined by the Department. As in the case of any
                            intentional misrepresentation of a material fact on an employment application, candidates who claim New York
                            City residency credit and who are determined to have intentionally misrepresented facts concerning New York
                            City residency shall be disqualified and their names shall be removed from the eligible list, and they may be
                            subject to criminal sanctions.
                            Legacy Credit: Five points will be added to the final score of those candidates who qualify for the “Legacy
                            Credit.” A candidate shall qualify for the “Legacy Credit” if his or her parent has died while engaged in the
                            discharge of his or her duties as a uniformed member of the New York City Fire Department, New York City
                            Police Department, New York City Transit Police Department, New York City Housing Authority Police
                            Department, or New York City Department of Correction.
                            Exam. No. 2043 - Page 4
                            The General Examination Regulations of the Department of Citywide Administrative Services apply to this examination and are part of
                            this Notice of Examination. They are posted and copies are available in the Applications Center of the Division of Citywide Personnel
                            Services, 18 Washington Street, NY, NY.
                            The City of New York is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
                            Title Code No. 70310; Fire Service.
                            For Information About Other Exams and Your Exam or List Status, Call 212-669-1357
                            Internet: nyc.gov/html/dcas
                            To be eligible for this credit, a candidate must achieve a passing score on both the written and the physical
                            Candidates who pass the written test and are summoned to the physical test will be able to claim legacy credit
                            at the physical test site. Candidates who become qualified for “Legacy Credit”after taking the physical test,
                            but before the date the eligible list is established, can apply by writing to DCAS, Examining Service Section,
                            1 Centre Street, 14th floor, New York, NY 10007. Claims for “Legacy Credit” cannot be made once the
                            eligible list is established. All such claims will be investigated.
                            ADMISSION CARD: You should receive an Admission Card in the mail about 10 days before the date of the
                            written test. If you do not receive an Admission Card at least 4 days before the test date, you must go to the
                            Examining Service Section, 1 Centre Street, 14th floor, Manhattan, to obtain a duplicate card.
                            THE TEST RESULTS: If you pass the multiple-choice test and physical test, your name will be placed in score
                            order on an eligible list and you will be given a list number. You will be notified by mail of your test results.
                            If you meet all requirements and conditions, you will be considered for appointment when your name is reached
                            on the eligible list.
                            ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:
                            Investigation: This position is subject to investigation before appointment. At the time of investigation, eligibles
                            will be required to pay a $50.00 fee for fingerprint screening.
                            At the time of investigation and at the time of appointment, eligibles must present originals or certified copies
                            of all required documents and proof, including, but not limited to, proof of date and place of birth by transcript
                            of record of the Bureau of Vital Statistics or other satisfactory evidence, naturalization papers if necessary,
                            proof of any military service, and proof of meeting educational requirements.
                            Any willful misstatement or failure to present any documents required for investigation will be cause for
                            Probationary Period: The probationary period is 12 months. As part of the probationary period, probationers
                            will be required to successfully complete a prescribed training course. Probationers who fail to complete
                            successfully such training course, at the close of such training course, may be terminated by the agency head.
                            List Termination: The eligible list resulting from this examination will be terminated one year from the date
                            it is established, unless extended by the Commissioner.
                            Promotion Test: A promotion examination for this title is being held for eligible City employees. The names
                            appearing on the promotion list will be considered first in filling vacancies.
                            SPECIAL TEST ACCOMMODATIONS: If you plan to request special testing accommodations due to disability
                            or an alternate test date due to your religious belief, and
                            1. you are filing an application online, follow the on-screen instructions, or
                            2. you are filing an application by mail, follow the instructions included with the “Application for
                            ALL GAVE SOME BUT SOME GAVE ALL
                            NEVER FORGET 9-11-01
                            CAPT. Frank Callahan Ladder 35 *
                            LT. John Ginley Engine 40
                            FF. Bruce Gary Engine 40
                            FF. Jimmy Giberson Ladder 35
                            FF. Michael Otten Ladder 35 *
                            FF. Steve Mercado Engine 40 *
                            FF. Kevin Bracken Engine 40 *
                            FF. Vincent Morello Ladder 35
                            FF. Michael Roberts Ladder 35 *
                            FF. Michael Lynch Engine 40
                            FF. Michael Dauria Engine 40

                            Charleston 9
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                              1-TAKE TEST
                              2-PASS THE TEST
                              3-SCORE HIGH
                              4-GET JOB
                              GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!
                              ALL GAVE SOME BUT SOME GAVE ALL
                              NEVER FORGET 9-11-01
                              CAPT. Frank Callahan Ladder 35 *
                              LT. John Ginley Engine 40
                              FF. Bruce Gary Engine 40
                              FF. Jimmy Giberson Ladder 35
                              FF. Michael Otten Ladder 35 *
                              FF. Steve Mercado Engine 40 *
                              FF. Kevin Bracken Engine 40 *
                              FF. Vincent Morello Ladder 35
                              FF. Michael Roberts Ladder 35 *
                              FF. Michael Lynch Engine 40
                              FF. Michael Dauria Engine 40

                              Charleston 9
                              "If my job was easy a cop would be doing it."
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