I'd like to first off thank everyone for their input on topics to do this independant study on. Second, i'd like to run this idea past everyone. I have done some extensive thinking about things in the Fire and EMS Services that needs work and something that isnt a really easy subject to write on so I came to this conclusion....Quality Assurance. It is a topic not so often heard of and is also a topic that needs alot of work put into it.

For the EMS Portion I am going to focus on My towns Emergency Medical Service (I don run on both fire and EMS) and Response times, Training, and the level of care that the EMT's believe their providing.

For the Fire Dept side I am going to focus on Rural Fires and how the community looks upon fires where we as fire man are very ill prepared.

Then to close it all off I am going to link the fire and ems together with how our images are torn and mistrust takes place when our level of care and poor performances take over.

Okay.....tell me what you think