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Bellaire OH paid FD disbanned

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    Whoa here, going to a volunteer department is far from being "unprotected", unless those 6 paid guys were manning the station 24/7 with a full crew, which I doubt. At best you had what, 2 per shift?

    They cut costs, they didn't close the station. There is no reason why with proper leadership they cannot provide the same level of protection as before.


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      I feel for these guys, as I witnessed the same thing happen to my home town as a teenager.

      Our Northern Ontario Rail/Mining town dropped from a population of 6000+ to less then 3000 over a span of 10 years. We lost our Ambulance, Police Dept, Rail Police Dept, and the VFD and other municipal services saw a dramatic drop in budget. We also lost our local YMCA, and dozens of local businesses went under including our movie theatre (absolute disaster to a teenager).

      The worst part of these types of events, is that the town doesn't really shrink in size, so the tax dollars available for upkeep of community parks and other services get stretched until they break. We lost all but two of or our parks and playgrounds, so the kids have nothing to do. Crime went up and the standard of living went through the floor.

      My parents still live their so I visit for a week or so every year, but it is very depressing to return and remember what we used to have. I'm sure this community is struggling with many other issues related to the loss of the population/tax base as well.
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        Mr.Yoho is correct that the neighboring departments are volunteer companies, and two of them are going to be putting a day crew on to help them cover their own areas.

        As far as going county wide for services, that probably would not happen in that area. There is one other full time department in the County and they are pretty much run ragged with the calls they answser already, even though their shift are larger in crew numbers.

        Going to a volunteer company is going to be really difficult for that village. I am a volunteer and have been for over 30 years. The days of getting large amounts of people to volunteer in this general area are more and more difficult each year. The economy has fallen flat on its face here, and the jobs in the mines, mills, railroads, and the construction areas all have dropped tremendously as the census notes.
        With only 3 takers so far to join the department I do not see it getting better.

        Truth is, this is not a paid-volly battle in that town. The hidden agenda as Mr. Yohi indicated is the reason behind it all. 4 council members voted against trying to find a way to keep the paid guys on. Didn't see either one of them sign up.

        Good guys getting a bad deal as are the citizens. 3 member volly company with no training.Sounds like trouble for Bellaire.

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          Thanks orangebuster for your accurate help in this post.

          Radio....just for your info, it was a 24/7 paid dept. with 12 paid on call others. yes 2 is a low number to start with, but with EMS being the majority of the call volume, 2, I think is wayyy better than none.

          This isn't a volly vs paid issue, these are the facts!

          3 untrained personel with antiquated equipment spells disaster.

          I feel the chief has tried everything in his power to keep it alive to no avail.

          One of the councilwoman says the fact that these paid guys refuse to do this job for free states they dont care about thier community. Wonder how many of the town council, street dept. and other city workers would feel if they were offered to do their jobs for free.

          How about all of you? Would you get fired from your job, then come back and do it for free?? No would be the logical answer. Council is making a mistake in Bellaire, make no mistake about it.

          My advice to them.....Dont Play With Fire!!!!!

          We have seen other local communities attempt this before here and it was unsuccessful. This town could afford to continue jobs of the firefighters by making some adjustments. I have followed this issue and helped my brothers with a pickett and went to a council meeting to help them in thier fight.

          Anybody here that suggests they are making a good decision is severely misinformed.

          Anybody who volunteers to take a mans job and do it for free is nothing less than a scab.

          I have nothing against volunteers in small communities, but the trend is to go from volunteer to paid. not the reverse.

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            They cut costs, they didn't close the station. There is no reason why with proper leadership they cannot provide the same level of protection as before.
            If they had full time staff, and they now have to rely on volunteers responding from home or mutual aid, they are not providing the same level of service.

            An increase in response time is a reduction in the level of service.
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