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Windows and doors open or closed?

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  • Windows and doors open or closed?

    We recently lost one of our tanker trucks to fire while it was in the repair shop. Got to thinking about what would have happened if a truck had started on fire in the station? We frequently leave the windows and sometimes the doors open (rescue truck) on the trucks while they are in the station.

    My question. If you would have a fire inside the station, would it really matter if these windows/doors are open or closed? My thought is: Why give the fire "easy" access to more fuel? ie, seats, and and any other flammables stored inside each truck. Granted, if it gets hot enough, and the fire is not snuffed out due to running out of air, it's all going up in flames anyway.

    I suppose the best answer would be to intall a sprinkler system

    Looking forward to hear what the experts have to say.


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    Our rule is to always leave the drivers window open. Primarily to keep us from locking ourselves out of the truck.

    Your truck should never be the ignition source if you use the electrical isolation switch to disconnect the battery from the electrical system.

    As for the additional fuel, if the fire starts adjacent your engine/truck in the building, and is hot enough to ignite the truck/interior, windows closed won't save you (or rather your engine). It's kind of like argueing that one more garden hose might have put out the MGM Grand.

    The sprinkler is always an excellent idea. We are about to start construction on our new hall, and it will be sprinklered.
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