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    What type of Hooks does your Department use? Is there any reason(s) that your department uses these hooks? Is there any pros or/and cons to the hooks your company uses? Which do you prefer?? Do you or your company uses your hooks for anything other than pulling ceillings? i.e. FE or Gas Shut Off.

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    My company has a few dozen hooks, from drywall hooks to typical pike poles. The most useful IMO is the full metal New York roof hook, it can be used as a prybar to help, or even do forcible entry. It's mainly used for levering up cut roof sections for ventilation, but it's got a ton of uses and you wont worry about breaking the handle since its not that wimpy fiberglass stuff.

    I would say that drywall hooks, while nice, aren't really necessary, there are a few hooks you can use to pull down nearly everything. One I do like is the plaster lathe hook, it makes taking that stuff down ALOT easier being it has 1 forks instead of one, with a normal hook you just bounce the wood around trying to yank it off, with the right one it comes off easy as pie. One nice tool I think we're going to be getting is a few of the TNT tools, axe/sledge/pike pole all in one, pretty good for a few different uses. From my very limited xperience a good pike pole type head will tear through everything well enough, but if time is of the essence I guess the specific tools do a better job, but you'll have to ask people who've used them.

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    Both of those sites have about every hook I've ever seen, and probably all the ones you'll ever need, I've never seen a gator back in use before but I can say it looks like it'd work great.


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