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  • Army first?

    im beging to get a little nervous... im going into my Jr. year in high school... so im starting to think about what to do next, i know i want to be a firefighter, and i know that i want to go to college, and right now i have this beating thought in the back of my head that i should go into the army and do some firefighting there... get to know the job a bit while getting money for college... but i dont even know if that is how it works... do they teach you the job or do they want previous firefighters? im just lost... if anyone was in the army, navi, whatever service before becoming a firefighter, or are still in the service, could you shed some light in my direction?? thank you!
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    They'll teach you the job. Thats what the AIT (Advanced Individual Training) part is for, thats done right after Basic Training. I'm not in the service, but i have talked to Army recruiters about it, and thats what they said. They'll train you, and just incase you want to know what type of certifications you would get, go here https://www.cool.army.mil/51m.htm
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      Many departments will give you Vet Credits towards being hired/promoted, especially during times of armed conflict.


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        You'll get more training in the Air Force. Better equipment and better working conditions too.


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          I was on active duty in the Army during the first Gulf war. I spent six years in. The Army doesn't have specific jobs related to firefighting. I would suggest the Airforce, they have a really good FF program and it follows the NFPA curriculum. Hope this helps.


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            Umm, the Army does a a firefighter MOS, it is 51M.

            In fact, the last few people I knew who went into the AF did not get to enlist for a specific MOS, but only a general field, so unless the AF can guaruntee a firefighter slot the Army may be the better route.

            When you go to MEPPS, insist on a 51M MOS and nothing else. If they claim it is not available, do not give in to other offers, just go home. They cannot force you to take a job you don't want, no matter how much they may try to talk you into it. I guaruntee that within a few days the recruiter will call you back and they will ahve magically found a slot.

            As far as the AF having better training, all DOD firefighters go to the same school at Goodfellow AF Base.

            Army Enlisted Job Descriptions & Qualifications


            Note: The Army plans to restructure this job to MOS 21M. For details, see the feature article about Upcoming Enlisted Job Restructuring.

            Major duties. The firefighter supervises or performs firefighting, rescue, salvage and fire protection operations.

            (1) Skill Level 1. Performs rescue and firefighting operations during structural fires, aircraft crash incidents, vehicle emergencies, and natural cover fires. Performs emergency response duties during hazardous materials incidents. Operates and maintains firefighting equipment and vehicles during emergency and non-emergency operations.

            (2) Skill Level 2. Directs rescue and firefighting operations during structural fires, aircraft crash incidents, vehicle emergencies, and natural cover fires. Directs emergency response crews during hazardous materials incidents. Maintains records and reports on fire department operations.

            (3) Skill Level 3. Supervises rescue and firefighting operations during structural fires, aircraft crash incidents, vehicle emergencies and natural cover fires. Supervises emergency response crews during hazardous materials incidents. Conducts fire prevention operations including inspections and pre-fire planning.

            (4)Skill Level 4. Exercises command and control during rescue and firefighting operations during structural fires, aircraft crash incidents, vehicle emergencies, and natural cover fires. Exercises command and control of emergency response during hazardous materials incidents. Conducts fire prevention operations to include determining building classification and installation level inspections. Develops plans for hazardous materials emergencies. Conducts initial fire-ground investigations.

            Physical demands rating and qualifications for initial award of MOS. Firefighters must possess the following qualifications:

            (1) A physical demands rating of very heavy.

            (2) A physical profile of 111121.

            (3) Normal color vision.

            (4) A minimum score of 90 in aptitude area GM.

            (5) An operator's license for type of equipment to which assigned.

            (6) No record of pyrophobia, acrophobia, or claustrophobia.

            (7) Must possess a valid state motor vehicle operator license.

            (8) Mandatory formal training (completion of USAFCRS X3ABR3E73 1-007) at Goodfellow APB, TX; or meet the civilian acquired skills criteria listed in AR 601-210.

            (9) Meet visual acuity and hearing deficit standards set forth in DODI 6055.6 and NFPA 1582.


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              From my own personal experience and friends that have done exactly what you are talking about here’s my thoughts.
              I think (as others have previously stated) that the AF would be a better option for fire fighter training. However after saying that the problem is that when you join (as others have also said) you may not at all get to really choose what you do. I have a very very good friend who joined the AF for fire fighting but the thing was he already had a bachelors deg. And could more or less just say what he wanted. Right out of HS though you don’t have the luxury (unless things have changed since I almost signed up 8 years ago). They more often than not put you where they feel you will work out best.
              The best thing I can tell you to do is to talk to a recruiter for each one and tell them what you want and ask what they can do. They will tell you what you want to hear (this is where my experience some in…) so make sure you are getting what you want BEFORE you sign ANYTHING! Good luck and if you want to you can send me a P.M. and I can get you more info. I remember my Jr. year in H.S. It’s a crazy time!!! Good luck and I hope this helps!

              Stay Safe,

              If you want more info on the AF aspect of this I know that someone else just recently posted asking about the AF and fire fighter training. This may get you more info on that. I know it had links to AF sites that may help you.
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                I'm sorry radioguy, I was not aware of 51M. Please forgive me, I stand corrected. I was in the medical field in special operations (combat arms) I wasn't up on all of the non-combat related MOS's. Thanks for the correction.

                I actually have a friend who was an Airforce firefighter. That's how I learned about their training. It sounds very close to the training the Army offers.

                Thanks for the info.


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                  Way back when I enlisted (delayed entry) in the Air Force, I got a guaranteed Fire Fighter slot. The AFSC (AF versin of MOS) is 3E7X1.
                  The Air Force Fire Academy at Goodfellow AFB, TX does most, if not all Military fire fighter training (with the possible exception of the Navy... and not including shipboard firefighting). There are instructors at the fire school from other branchs.

                  One of the biggest benefits is the fact that the certifications issued by DOD are eligible for reciprocity from Pro-Board.
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                    Army Basic Training and AIT locations

                    I hope one of you can answer this question. My son is thinking about joining the Army as a FF (21M). Where does the Army send them to Basic Training and AIT?


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                      Go to the Federal and Military forum

                      Most of your questions have been answered there. But, in a nutshell;

                      As a firefighter in the Marines, I have worked with FFs in the Air Force and Army. The Army treats their FFs like stepchildren, and according to one of the brothers on the Military Forums, the Army is cutting their numbers and promotion opportunities. Marine FFs pull airfield fire duty only, and the Marine training (every Marine a Rifleman) takes precedence over firefighting. The Air Force runs the DoD Fire Academy, and everything they do relating to firefighting is high speed. They emphasize training in a big way-training that leads to national certifications that you can use when you get out to get a job. Promotions are tied to your certifications as well. Most of all, the AF leadership recognizes FFs as a mission essential capability. The Marines and Army are much more interested in things that kill bad guys.

                      If you want to join the Army to be a soldier, do it. If you want military training in firefighting, go Air Force.

                      BTW, Hi Joe. Where you been-haven't seen you on the "bus" lately?
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                        Originally posted by twdeason
                        I hope one of you can answer this question. My son is thinking about joining the Army as a FF (21M). Where does the Army send them to Basic Training and AIT?


                        I encourage any and all young people who are pondering military service to visit this site. And just because I am a prior service AF guy - I'll post this site too.

                        Welcome to the United States Air Force. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals.

                        Go to enlisted careers and search the general field until you reach firefighting. It will answer all your questions. Good luck!


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                          By the way, make sure you get guaranteed firefighting. No ifs, ands or buts. Get it guaranteed.


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                            GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!

                            Yelling is on purpose. Recruiters will tell you anything, their job is to get names on a list. Make them guarantee it in writing.


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                              Originally posted by Firetacoma1
                              GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING!

                              this bears repeating. Recruiters are paid to get you in. Most are top notch, however.............

                              Just make sure everything is spelled out. What you're signing is a contract for the next few years of your life. Good luck and thanks.



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