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What direction are the bugles on your badge?

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  • What direction are the bugles on your badge?

    Question for you: Do you know of any fire department that has a badge or insignia with the bugles turned sideways? I believe the tradition has always been if there are bugles on a badge they are either verticle or crossed. Am I wrong or has there been some new movement in the fire service I have not been made aware of sweeping across this country? Our benevolent fire chief has just distributed new badges to our Battalion Chiefs, I mean "Battalion Commanders" since he recently "reclassified" the position. The new badge is silver in color and has two side-by-side bugles mounted sideways in the center. Has any of you ever seen or heard of this before? We don't where he got this from and what exactally it means. Your comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    2 upright bugles are usually the rank of captain ........if they are flat or horizontal then I have no idea WTF your chief is talking about.
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      Don't quote me on this, but I have been told that the direction represents either a line or administrative officer.

      For example a LT with the speaking trumpet facing (l) the traditional way is a line officer, and if it is laying (-) then it is a non-line administrative position.

      I have no factual information to back this up however, although I will do a little searching to see if I can verify it.

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        NOT A CLUE.......

        This is probably the ONLY thing the NFPA does not have a standard on. (Thankfully) On the East (Right) Coast, all officers Badges and insignia are gold. All trumpets START with one vertical (LT.) then 2 vertical, side by side (CAPT.) 2 Vertical, but crossed, (BATT CHIEF) 1 Vertical, 2 more crossing the vertical at a 45*angle can be a DEPUTY, ASSISTANT, or DIVISION CHIEF, (Whoever is third in command) 4 bugles, 2 vertical crossed, with 2 more slightly higher crossing the first 2, is for the second in command (DEPUTY or ASSISTANT CHIEF) The FIRE CHIEF has 5 bugles, 1 vertical and then 2 crossing, then 2 more higher up crossing the first. LTs. and CAPTs. in Ladder companies sometimes have an axe instead of a bugle. Hope that helps. Stay Safe....
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          What appears to be "bugles" on the badges are not bugles, nor are they speaking trumpets. They are plungers for the amount of crap you have to put with while you ascend through the ranks!
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            El Presidente',

            You just posted what we were taught the first day of Company Officer Training at the Fire Academy. Thats why I'm still a silver badged SR. Firefighter.
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