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    How many of you have worked in a haunted firehouse? You know the ones built in the late 1800 or the early 1900's that have an old Engineman who passed away years ago and comes back to who walk the floors late at night. Wagons starting without anyone in the seat. Covers flying off of the rookies bed and down the polehole. The eerie sound of what sounds like a locomotive crossing the bedroom floor. Post your best story about any phantoms that lurk in your firehouse.

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    We have a ghost in our Headquarters..3 years ago it burnt down and was more haunted back then than it is now, but now in our new building which is on the same location, you will hear footsteps on the 3rd floor, toilets flush by themselves...you shut the lights off upstairs go outside they are on,when your in the locker room you hear footsteps,also the bay doors go up and down by themselves once in a while. Its not as creepy as it sounds...we actually think its pretty cool...we think its one of the founding members of our squad but arent to sure...or it could be a past patient...no one knows...but whatever it is it followed us to our temporary headquarters which was in a storage warehouse..we'd hear keys jingling,foot steps would come to the door then stop..youd go and look and no one would be there...knocking on the doors....but we get used to it after a while.

    South Amboy, New Jersey
    EMS Cadet in NJ


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      Our firehouse is supposedly haunted. a guy that used to sleep there all the time says one night he found a sink turned on upstairs, heard some guys talking upstairs, and something rolling like a bowling ball. this was all confirmed by a few other guys. last weekend i was upstairs with my g/f playing pool and saw some shadows moving around in the back room, went to see who was there and saw the punching bag swinging back and forth, went downstairs right away to see who it was and noone was there, no cars or nothing. thought it was weird.


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        One of our stations used to be an old schoolhouse a long time ago. Then it was a house. A guy named "Joe" died in the house and his wife supposedly buried him in the yard behind the station. Almost every night you hear things in the middle of the night. The locker room is off of the bunkroom sometimes you'll hear someone in there and the toilet will flush. But no one will come back into the bunkroom. A couple of times I went into the bathroom and turned on the light and no one was there. A lot of things happen like bay doors open, tv turns on, coffe pot is on, etc.. One of the guys heard something outside and chased some noises around the firehouse but never found anyone.

        Sometimes it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

        Fishers Fire Dept.
        Local 416


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          Our firehouse is haunted. The building we are located in is the Hartley Dodge Memorial Buiding, built in 1930 by Mrs. Geraldine Dodge, orginally a Rockefeller. The building houses the borough offices, the police department, and the fire department. Sometimes there can be chains heard rattling in the attic above the dormitory. People have claimed they have seen a figure walking around the council chambers area of the building. One of the janitors refuses to work night shift because he claims he has seen this strange person at night. Doors can be heard closing at night were there is nobody in that section of the building. Apparatus bay doors have mysteriously been opened in the middle of the night with no explanation at all. We believe her ghost is firefighter friendly because of Mrs. Dodges great love for the Madison Fire Department.
          The building can be seen at www.rosenet.org/gov/fire [/URL]

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            I don't have any spooky stories to tell, but I remember hearing about a firehouse (maybe in Chicago ?) that has a light buld that has never gone out or needed replacing in over 100 years. Maybe someone can jog my memory ?


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              Our Fire house was built in 1915 and was originally the town theater. All our guys say the building is haunted but I never really bought into that until recently. A couple of us were at the staation late watching monday night football & I went to use the mens room. As I left the office, One of the guys said "Say hello to the ghost". I replied rather loudly "There is no @##%%#$ ghost here". Right as I finished that sentence, several items in our trophy case fell to the bottom of the case. I stopped in my tracks & looked at the guys in the office & they all had the "I told you so" look on their face. Although I dont beleive in ghost at all, I am now careful not to voice my doubts at the firehouse

              Ladder 4035
              Roebling Volunteer Fire Co


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                Hey Folks,

                I've noticed a-lot of folks fom Jersey but not much from any-one else. We have several tales of strange occurances in our firehouses. let us hear from the rest of you..........Jake


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                  I recently did a ride-along with Kentland 33 in PG County. The fellas there told me that the station is haunted by paid-men ghosts of the past.
                  At night they say you can hear whinning and crying coming from the old watch desk. Also they said you can hear loud snoring from the day room in the middle of the afternoon, near the couches that they used to lay around on all day...but nobody is ever there.
                  Its a spooky place...but they say the ghosts a without a doubt better than the real thing.

                  Sonny Sampson
                  F/F Paramedic
                  Utica, NY


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                    OK, I'm not from New Jersey but I'm close enough to it.

                    I remember reading something, maybe it was around Halloween, that declared New Jersey or areas of it one of the states with the highest documented cases of paranormal activity (words I picked up from Ghostbusters).

                    My firehouse has had a run of strange happenings over the years also. Many of us have actually seen a misty figure move through the rec room and out to the apparatus room. Some of the crews have seen the figure together, others have seen him when they were by themselves. The usual doors swinging, chairs moving upstairs, people walking across the floor or up and down the stairs happens occasionally.

                    The really scary part was when a friend of a friend stopped by the firehouse with her kids for a tour. This woman practices tarot card readings, fortune telling and the like. She had never been in the firehouse before and had never known about any of the instances in the firehouse. After the tour she asked me if the firehouse had "guest appearances" often. I thought she meant the kids and said that we often have children take tours of the place. She corrected herself and asked if we had ever seen ghosts, I said, maybe-I'm not sure. She described our misty figure from head to toe exactly as he appears and said she had seen him. Do I believe, probably not much more than I had before that day but I don't doubt anything.

                    Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)


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                      My volunteer firehouse is haunted. It was built in the early 1900s and one of our houseman was killed when a truck he was working on rolled over him. It was an old Ahrens Fox and he was doing some work on the pump when it began to roll and he slipped as he was trying to get down. He fell under the front wheels and was crushed. He was a big card player and the regulars used to play cards every Monday night. Well, now all of the oldtimers are gone and the firehouse has been renovated. But the lights that were in the card room (and now over the pool table) go dim inexplicably from time to time late on Monday nights. There are times when the pictures of the past Chiefs on the wall seem to be staring at you and their eyes follow you around the room. Not long ago, one of our new diesel trucks started without reason in the same bay door that the Ahrens Fox rolled over our houseman. But the spookiest thing that has happened is that some of the walls in the basement of the firehouse have moved where it was said that there were secret meetings
                      of some sort of voodoo cult. There are mysterious markings on the floor down there also.


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                        Although my department has no ghost stories I once was visiting a member at one of our mutual aid departments and as he gave me a tour of his station I had an eerie feeling. When I was a baby we had a ghost who lived in our two story in Queens so maybe there is a weird sense I have but as we went into the basement of his station the hair on the back of my next sttod straight up.

                        They used to have a two lane bowling alley in tha basement of this place and I swear I saw something crouching in the corner of one of the lanes. It was fairly dark down there and I'm sure the lighting was playing tricks on me but I never went down there again!

                        Jeffrey D. Grey-Captain
                        Roosevelt Fire District-Hyde Park,N.Y.


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                          I feel my firehouse is haunted. Back in the 80's, one of our FF's had a heart attack in the bay and died there. Also, the firehouse is built on the site of an old schoolhouse. At night, there is a very eerie feeling in the atmosphere and you almost always here noise upstairs. One day a couple of LT's were in the firehouse and heard someone upstairs. They wound up chasing the noise around the second floor and never found the cause of it.


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                            A note to Sonny Sampson...

                            Kentland once had career members...I'm sure that they fought just as many fires then as the Kentland volunteers do now... your post was just another example of how people keep the career vs. volunteer war going.

                            Just my .03 worth (Captains have to pay a little more!)

                            Now, on the subject of haunted firehouses...
                            Weird things have happened at our Station 2, attributed to Carey's Ghost. FF Carey was a retired jake who always stopped by the station to chat or get a cup of coffee.

                            I was working an overtime tour there one night. I was in the dorm room, and could hear a set of footsteps coming up the stairs and then the steps faded out as they went down the hall to the kitchen area. I guess that Carey wanted a cup of joe!

                            And on the eighth day...God created Firefighters!
                            Captain Gonzo

                            [This message has been edited by Captain Gonzo (edited 01-20-2001).]


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                              For years we thought that one of our houses was haunted. For no reason, the water in a bathroom sink would turn on and run like crazy until somebody got up and shut it off. We called in a bundle of specialists (what a bunch of freaks they were!) who CLOSELY analyzed the entire situation and prepared a full report. It said...

                              "Call a plumber...you need to have that faucet replaced. The packing is bad".

                              They were right. All better now!
                              Heh heh heh...


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