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  • how old is to old??

    I am just turning 31 years old and now just in basic EMT and looking at a fire academy next year. Does anyone have any insight on how old is to old??? Will I be passed up for being over 30 with minimal experience???. I have spent 10 years in the Airlines and am finished with it. Any info would be highly appreciated!!!

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    I know this one guy who was 52, he went through the academy and passed. I think that as long as your willing to do the work and you ARE ABLE to do the work, then your not 'old'
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      Arkansas law says that you can not be any older than 32 when being hired by a fire department. They extend that number if you have prior experience... and perhaps if you are a veteran. But 21-32 is the hiring range.


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        There are a few guys on the job with me who were hired who are over 40.



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          In California if you were to get hired for the USFS fulltime as a gs-05, you have to be under 35 at date when start that academy....
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            Is Age a Factor in Hiring?

            I've coached lots of candidates over the age of 30. It’s not uncommon to see candidates in their late thirties or early forties hired, especially paramedics. I encourage candidates to focus on their personal life experience when answering questions in the oral board. No one else can tell your stories of where your have been. Candidates over 30 years old have life experiences younger candidate can’t match.

            When candidates answer questions laced with a story that demonstrates they have lived the experience, they separate themselves from the other younger clone candidates.

            I work shoulder to shoulder with candidates through the process until they get the badge. Here is a testimony received from one of my over

            40 year-old energizer bunny candidates that kept going and going and going when others would quit:

            Subject: I made it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Hello my friend,

            Well after 19 years of trying and testing and reading and wanting I made it. At the ripe old (I mean young) age of 41 and a grandfather of 2, I was accepted on to the fire department.
            I cannot begin to tell you how I feel after so many years of trying to reach my goal of being part of the CSFD. No other department would do (except as a stepping stone) it had to be here in my hometown and I made it.

            I wanted to send a special thanks to you for helping me reach my goal not only with your Entry Level program and books, but, also for the encouragement along the way.

            You have helped this old man to be a very happy one and I appreciate that in you.

            Take care, Steve

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              I am almost 46 and have retired once....and just started over as a rookie firefighter.
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                In our area there is no set limit on hiring as long as you are able to pass your physical fitness exam. In my experience the older people while being new do have more of a life experience to draw upon while making descions.
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                  rapidfire1 - as long as the department you are trying for doesn't have an age restriction then I say go for it! If that is what you want to do then there is nothing that should stop you.

                  I had been out of school for 12 years and went back to fire college at age 30. I got through college and have been on the job for 3 years now. It is the best thing I have ever done.



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                    Never Too Old........

                    One thing to concern yourself with is Retirement. Most rookies never do, and it could be a problem, down the road. For instance, If you get hired at 45 and your department has a 25 year retirement program, think about retiring at 70. Scary, isn't it? As this nation's "political correctness" attitude continues, I expect to see Maximum age limits disappear. My own opinion, If you can do the job, and the doctor agrees, then you should be able to keep working. (or get hired) Stay Safe....
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