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    Could someone please explain to me what the duties of a Squad Company are? (FD not EMS) What types of special/extra tools are carried on the apparatus?

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    Aaahh that Age Old Question

    Well their are many Varied Opinions on this subject.

    It depends in what context the question is for. Are you refering to IFSTA? FDNY, Local Depts?

    To me in the local sense....its an ambulance. The FDNY its a Company that is cross trained and equipped in ENGINE and Ladder functions they also have the responsibilty of being HAZMAT Techs and carring HAZMAT Gear.

    In other locations the term means as many different things as their are colors in the rainbow.
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      For us a squad company is the same as a rescue company. We carry the same tools as a ladder co (minus the ladders). They are responsible for rescue at a fire then whatever other functions are needed. Ventilation, FE, another line, etc.
      Our Squad also has a fair amount of Haz Mat, and Technical Rescue equipment on board.


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        There's only one department near me that uses the term squad (that I know of). For them, it's an unstaffed midi pumper equipped to handle extrications. They have a couple of them in multi-company houses and are cross-staffed by those companies.


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          Our Rescue Squads are trained and used in the following areas of operation.

          Search and Rescue Operations
          Truck Operations
          Engine Operations
          Trench Rescue
          Confined Space Rescue
          High Angle Rescue

          The Squads carry a large variety of equipment (except Hose and Ladders) to perform all these functions.


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            The term Squad in my department is a people mover. An apparatus used to move people from the station to the scene. Our's is an F-250 4x4 Crew-cab that carries one SCBA, a Halligan tool, pick axe, H20 and CO2 extinguishers. Like I said a people mover.


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              In my Department a Squad is a light rescue/BLS first responder van staffed with 1 FF from each apparatus at double company (Motor+Truck) houses. This allows both apparatus to stay in service more often as opposed to running so many medical calls.


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                Here Too..........

                In this part of the world, "Squad" refers to a HEAVY Rescue, and I mean Heavy. We do anything and everything with Squads (Except elevated master streams). For example, take today, here,(Glenn Dale Md, 10 mi Northeast of Wash DC) Our Squad ran 3 Auto Accidents, 2 Fires, 2 Medic Locals, and a Gas Leak in the 24 hours that comprised Aug. 6, 2003. Pretty much a normal day. Last year our Squad ran 1,390 calls, and was the 6th busiest in the County (out of 12). Stay Safe....
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                  We run our Squad basically as a truck company since we don't have a ladder apparatus. It is also used for technical rescue responses such as extrication and ice rescue.

                  Our Squad carries:
                  Truck company tools (irons, hooks, saws, etc.)
                  Extrication equipment (spreader, cutter, air bags, etc.)
                  16 spare SCBA bottles
                  Basic Ops level Haz Mat equipment
                  Ice rescue equipment (exposure suits, rope bags, life vests)
                  MCI triage kit
                  Radiation meter (old civil defense equipment)
                  BLS medical equipment

                  This 1988 Ford was converted from an ex-Ryder rental truck. It seats 6 people total with 5 SCBA seats. This rig is due for replacement in the next couple of years, probably with an E-One light duty walk in-type truck.

                  See pics of it here: www.wtfd.net/733.html


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                    A squad over here is a small pumper with ALS equipment that is maned by a par/ff because of the drugs on the pumper he is assigned to it.
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                      Wow...so many different designations for the same name.

                      Over here (at least in Montgomery County) a squad is defined as an Engine equipped for rescue.

                      We have a walk-in rescue with a pump, tank and hose (for protection mainly). The next town over has a squad (Class A Engine with rescue equipment). The main difference is that a rescue doesn't pump a hydrant or lay supply line.

                      Confused...me too!!

                      Stay Safe!

                      Once again....the above views are my own and not that of my department. (And probably should not be construed as having any real meaning, whatsoever!)



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                        here the terrm squad refers to a "heavy" squad ...........
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                          The squad in our city is an engine that has the JAWS on it. It performs all of the normal engine duties/runs. It also responds with an another engine to serious motor vehicle accidents if our heavy rescue is on another call. Even though it is labeled engine 5 (because it's an engine), it is "squad 5"

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                            Our Rescue "Squad" Is a heavy Rescue equipped with Extrication Equipment, Rope Rescue Gear, Water rescue Equipment, BLS medical equipment and our Thermal Imaging Camera. We do Search and Rescue, ventilation and whatever else needs to be done at a fire.
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                              If you subscribe to the FDNY way of thinking, a squad company is an additional truck company without the truck. The Squad conmpany concept is appealing to most because it allows a company that has no hope of getting a ladder or rescue to expand thier capabilities in something other than engine co ops. If you have a larger pumper or a rescue body pumper your in business for a small monetary, but a large training commitment. Below is a general tool list that might be helpfull.
                              1. more than 1 power saw (1 circular,1 chain minimum 2)
                              2. 2 sets of irons
                              3. other F/E tools (duckbills, big bolt cutters, pry bars ect.)
                              4. JAWS (combo tool cribbing chains and come-a-longs)
                              5. multiple rope packs
                              6. Stokes basket
                              7. torch set
                              8. search rope set
                              9. long pike poles (10' 12')
                              10. light water rescue equipment. (throw bags, PFD's) If you are near water
                              11. Hi lift jacks
                              12. FASTeam ops. (with this extra equipment you could be a good FASTeam)
                              12. Anthing else creative that will give your crew expanded capabilities. And concider if you have a specific hazard in you area ( i.e- A river or lake-more water equip) (cliffs or a quarry-more rope)
                              (industry-more tools for mechanical entrapment), you see what I'm driving at.
                              13. MOST IMPORTANT- TRAINING TRAINING TRAINING, anyone can put lettering on thier apparatus and call themselves a Squad Co. The ones who train for it get the jobe done and done right, that gets you a good reputation.

                              Stay safe.
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