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  • Pelican Big Ed Flashlight

    Does anybody have any real world experiences with this flashlight? I am debating either buying the Big Ed or the Survivor from Streamlight. Does the Big Ed cut through smoke as good as the Survivor? Thanks for your replies.

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    I use a Big Ed and I think it is better than a Survivor...definately brighter.
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      I don't have any experience with the Survivor flashlight but I like the Big Ed. It is very bright and tough. I left it on the hosebed once and it fell off doing about 45. Still works fine. You cant beat Pelicans warranty. I can't remeber what the warranty statement says but its kinda funny. Something to do with damage due to sharks and kids. I would recomend getting the rechargeable.
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        I've been using the Big Ed for about a year and a half and love it. It sees use both in teaching and on the job and it has never let me down. I use the rechargable and it seems to hold a charge with no problems and ,as said earlier, its very bright.
        I've also had the opertunity to deal with Pelican for a warranty matter on an older super saberlite flashlight, I rate them top notch. They really stand behind that lifetime warrenty. A great company.



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          I too love the pellican Big Ed. I have the rechargable light with the slow charger. I give the light 2 thumbs up for it. Dont think i will want any other light since this one. Pellican keep up the great work!
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            Koehler Responder Right angle beats them both!

            div 1 haz mat 30,000 cp(orange only)

            div 2 Fire ops 45,000 cp w/Ni-Cad rechargable-burntime 2+ hrs
            div 2 Fire Ops 60,000 cp w/4 regular c batteries-burntime 5 hrs

            and to top it off it comes in BLACK.

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              The Big Ed with 4C batteries is 55,000 cp

              The Big Ed Rechargeable is 65,000 cp
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                Big Ed brighter yes, but just a tad

                RESPONDER has:

                1. longer burntimes 2+ hrs NiCad 5 hrs C-batteries

                2. 2 extra bulbs hidden within the light

                3. Cheaper $$$ (cost wise)

                4. 1 flashilight that accepts BOTH nicad or C batteries

                5. Glow in the dark I.D. label

                6. space on light to engrave your name, company etc.

                7. WATERPROOF not water-resistant (as per pelican website)

                8. Made in the U.S.A. - their quality is always guaranteed

                and now the most important reason responser is better is,

                9. its available in BLACK!

                Hey Erics99 be sure to let us know what you go with.
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                  Thanks for the responses guys. I'm actually now leaning toward the Responder due to the fact that it has a longer burn time with the C batteries, can use a battery pack if I chose that option, and comes in black. Does anybody have experience with the Responder in smoky conditions? Thanks.


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                    big ed

                    When was the last time you had your flashlight on for 5 continuous hours??? I've seen light boxes at doorways on for long periods of time. I chose the big ed because of candle power I want it to work inside a smoke filled environment and it does my bud bought the survivor and my big ed outshines it no doubt. just my two cents worth thanks


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                      Burn time

                      "When's the last time you used your light for 5 hrs?"Ah,let me think,Oh I know;EVERY WEEKEND I'm teaching fire school or about 26 to 35 weekends a year.Not to mention firefighting and subsequent cause determination in some of the numerous farms and industrial bldgs in my response district.One of the things I hate about the Survivor light is it's short battery life when it's cold out.Less than 30 min.Yes I have lightboxes available,but I'm a stickler for having a good personal light.They are smaller and I ALWAYS have mine with me.The little garrity throwaways make a good backup,they store for a long time and have a good long light time.When you're up to your A** in alligators a good light can help you drain the swamp.T.C.


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                        Originally posted by erics99
                        Thanks for the responses guys. I'm actually now leaning toward the Responder due to the fact that it has a longer burn time with the C batteries, can use a battery pack if I chose that option, and comes in black. Does anybody have experience with the Responder in smoky conditions? Thanks.
                        works great in the varying conditions i've used it in.

                        easy to use with a gloved hand too. i chose this light over the others based on the same things Ed posted.
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                          2 cents...

                          Dont know if this helps or not, but I have
                          been using the rechargable Survivor and
                          love it. Long run time (I rarely recharge
                          it) and it fits nicely in my turnout coat

                          Again, pretty happy with it and other
                          Streamlight products...Bou


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                            Well guys I receieved my Responder Right Angle flashlight today (took only a few days, thank you thefirestore.com). Anyway, I'm not impressed with the beam of light. To be honest, the beam is only a bit brighter than my Pelican Stealthlight which is rated at 10,000 CP. The Responder is supposed to be 60K CP. It does have a bit wider beam, but it certainly doesn't look like 6 times brigther than my Pelican. Either way, it appears this light is going to get the job done.


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                              Big Ed Vs. Responder Vs Survivor Revisited

                              Erics99, what do you think of the Responder now that you have been using it for a while? Just started reviewing the different right angle flashlights for my department and I am looking for some informed opinions. Like most idiots, I am impressed by the big candle power numbers of the Responder and Big Ed, but I am curious about how those numbers equate to real world performance....i.e. is it worth the extra money over the Survivor? Thanks for your thoughts.


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